Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Day Is It?

\I don't know, I started on January 11th I think, that would make it Day 15 or something.

Better is how I can describe it.  I am beginning to think it is time to throw in teh towel on laundry mountain.  I am having so much trouble sticking to the plan because it is fairly overwhelming.  Plus, I am so friggin forgetful about some things, especially things I just don't want to do.  So, instead of the one person a day I am changing my strategy.  I am going to wash a load at night before bed, toss it in the dryer in the morning.  Start another load in the morning and then toss it in the dryer when I get home.  After dinner, homework, baths, making lunches, studying for promotion testing (or maybe during with the audio book?), I will fold it and put it away.  I might feel like I could even do the schedule if I do it this way, but it requires to much remembering and I think I need it in smaller steps.

Food was great today.

My eats:

B: two eggs scrambled with coconut milk and hot sauce, sausage patty
C: 2.5 cups (read about 3-4) coffee, half & half, coconut milk, about 1/2 teaspoon sugar.
Snack: 7 wasabi almonds, 3 macadamia nuts
lunch: shrimp salad (mayo, sushi seasoning, onions, garlic), cabbage leaves, orange bell pepper, parmesan crusted zucchini rounds (dipped in garlic flavored egg wash), 1 square dark chocolate
S: mixed berries with coconut milk and cinnamon
S: a few almonds, a few walnuts, a bit of chocolate and a few white chocolate chips (I should call this 'trail mix' and say it was about 2
Dinner: yummy homemade clam chowderish soup with leeks and parsnips, 1/2 corn muffin
S:  1 slice liverwurst, zucchini rounds

Damn, I eat a lot.  I really felt like I ate great today, but maybe too much....rofl.  I had started to tally it up, you know log it on an internet based tracking system.  I really wanted to finish it off today, but then I made a homemade soup, and I don't feel like going through the hassle of logging it in.  Well, that and the site doesn't seem to want to let me go to that part of the site :(

So, I will try to track tomorrow, well more accurately anyway.  If I can remember what I ate I might try adding today's stuff tomorrow.

Oh, I did a LHT at the same time as getting in a sprint workout.  We had to sprint part way down the indoor field and back.  We worked out for 35 mins and just kept sprinting and doing calisthenics of our choice.  So a twofer!  Love it.

-Plan meals for the week and pre-cook 1-2 weekday meals on the weekend: nope :( not this week-Track food, at a minimum log 'treats'- Eat 80-90% Primal- so far this week :)
-Eat 5-10 veggies and fruits per day: heck yeah!
-Lift heavy things 2 times per week: 1 time so far
-Sprint once per week (can be tabata): already!
-Move slowly 2-3 times per week: not yet, need to work on this one
-Play: this wasn't on my list, but should be.  Eh, it is really something I need to work on

These are the "Before" pics for this challenge,  I need to find my other shorts the ones I am wearing in these photos are HORRIBLE!!!!!  Plus, the other pair was easier to see in :)

I will do  better job with them at the end, dedicate an entire post to the 'before and after' reveal.


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