Thursday, January 6, 2011

Everyday, It's about Life Baby!

I chose this day and everyday to be me 100%.  Today, I was primal 20%, but me 100%.  And it feels great.

My 20% you ask?  A cup of hot cocoa with a shot of Bailey's.  If your gonna do a 20%, you might as well make it worth it!  Delish.

My 80%  Time for the eats:

b: yes, scrambled eggs again, with H&H, coconut milk and cream cheese finished with a dash of 'cock' sauce
L: BAS; mixed greens, cukes, tomatoes, broccoli with Cowgirl Ranch and a dash of parmesan. tri-tip tartare with salt and adobo
snack: almonds, walnuts, 1 square dark chocolate
snack: green tea with coconut, 1 oz baby brie
snack: mixed berries with heavy cream
afternoon drink: coffee with H&H
dinner: cheddar brat, beef tri-tip tartare
dessert: hot cocoa with Bailey's


Calories                    Carbs
Your Daily Goal:1,390 - 1,740184 - 26636 - 6460 - 144 
Remaining Today:078 - 16000 - 49

                                                                                                                                      fat        protein

As you can see I am well over some of the ranges this site says I should consume.  I also just ignore what it tells me.  It is a liar :)

Had Squadron PT this morning, we did a bit of circuit training, it was okay but I like my own workouts better.  Tomorrow I can do my own thing so I am excited about that.  I am thinking tabata thrusters for warm-up then knee push-ups, weighted lunges, planks, side planks and dumbbell chest press.  Three 'sets' of each.

I had lots of thoughts I wanted to share, but my brain doesn't seem to want to share right now.  Maybe more later :)

Maybe cookies tomorrow.  I have been feeling like trying out some primal recipes and i have ingredients for cookies.


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