Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Challenge is On!!!!

It will start on Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Because that is the next day I will go to the gym where the scale with the body fat system is located.  Since one of my goals is to reduce body fat, it makes sense to start then.

So I am pretty sure these will be my goals for the end of the challenge:

Lose 1-2% body fat
Do 10 good push-ups (real on the floor)
Conquer Mt. Washmore

I already outlined how I would conquer Mt. Washmore, which is still my plan.

So here is the outline for my other goals:

-Plan meals for the week and pre-cook 1-2 weekday meals on the weekend
-Track food, at a minimum log 'treats'- Eat 80-90% Primal
-Eat 5-10 veggies and fruits per day
-Lift heavy things 2 times per week
-Sprint once per week (can be tabata)
-Move slowly 2-3 times per week

I think this is a pretty doable plan and I am really pretty excited to get started again.  My next fitness test is in April and I would like to be able to do all the components without an exemption, including push-ups.  I have decided to train myself to do push-ups with a narrower grip to see if that helps my shoulder pain.


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