Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blah! Need new habits!

So, I did great with walking hte dog, then I had a massive headache last night and went to bed super early.  Tonight?  I just flat forgot.  I need to make sure I get that in.  She needs it as much as I do!

On the other hand, my eating has been great!  Savage Dave brought home porterhouse AND t-bone for dinner.  Who's a lucky girl?!?!  Yeah that's!  We also had some grilled taters and onions and brussels sprouts.  Mmmmm, I love eating this way.  Not saying I don't' like my treats now and then, but seriously, I don't understand how someone can get bored with such good food!

The Savage Baby was moved out of our room tonight....operation get mommy more sleep is underway!  I hope it works.  I need to be able to sleep a good night in order to get well.  THe long all night stuff is killing me.  Plus, when he is in our bed her is rough and kicks Savage Dave...which he doesn't seem to think is fun. A night to myself with no baby in the bed, will do wonders for my neck and back pain

I had a great workout today!  My hamstrings are already sore, I am sure the morning will be

Well, twenty minutes until bedtime.  More tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disaster Averted!

Sometimes patients will bring us treats to thank us for a job well done.  Even though I talk to most people about how I eat and why (it comes up, I don't force it on others), they seem to just not quite get it that I don't eat wheat.  So, these yummy
looking baked goods came into the clinic today:

I *think* they were brownies or chocolate cake.  I can't say for sure because I didn't even open the package.  Some people would say, just eat the food.  But, I didn't WANT to eat the food.  I know it would make me feel like crap physically, and who wants that?  I had some cottage cheese with blueberries and some dark chocolate instead.  No regrets :D

So,maybe they don't look as yummy to you, but I really enjoy berries with various forms of creamy yumminess!  And now I can enjoy my hot cocoa (heavy cream, coconut milk, maple syrup and cocoa powder) and relish the fact that I didn't let the cake/brownie control me.  Does this mean I will never, ever eat another brownie?  Hell no!  I love me some brownies.  It just means that today was not the day for them.  Those brownies were not the ones that needed me to eat them.  When I come across the brownies that speak to my soul...well, those brownies I WILL eat and I'll enjoy every last bite.  No regrets.

Day two...good to go!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week One! Momma's Butt Lift 30 Day Challenge

Yes, I want to get my booty lifted.  And how to I think I'll manage that?  Squats of course!  Squats and lunges and other manners of torture!  I am also, as I stated yesterday, working on dialing in my nutrition and making sure I get my supplements in.

So, this time around I have decided to just edit one long weekly post as opposed to doing a daily, daily post.  Now, this doesn't mean I won't post something specific for a day, like a recipe or something, but I want all the progress stuff to be in one area.

So, without further blah, blah, blah (because I can't spell that other word) let's get down to business.

I did take measurements and "before" pics. I will weigh in tomorrow.

May 27 measurements:

natural waist:  34.5 inches
fitness test waist: 38 (36 when I "suck in", because anyone who says they don't do that feels a warm sensation in the area of their undies)
Chest: 35.5
upper thigh (fullest part) 22.5
lower thigh: 17
hips: 40.5
calf: 14.25
wrist: 6
biceps: 11
forearm: 10
Neck: 13.5

My eats were decent today.  I ended up buying some Terra chips and eating some of them, not perfectly  "on plan" and clean.  Other than that it was a good day.  I never knew just how awesome dates with gorgonzola can be...yummy!  We had zucchini and tomatoes with onions as our veggie tonight and chicken legs for protein, I also had a side of potato with butter.  I didn't eat any other real meals, some bone broth, beef jerky, bacon, dates and kimchi.  One of those days that would be hard to track properly.   I find it easier to track when I am at work, so I plan to track tomorrow.  I am not sure if I plan to only count MFP or sparkpeople as tracking, or if just keeping a log and writing it down will suffice.  We'll see how it goes.  I don't particularly care for doing it on the computer, it is sooo tedious.

So, as I mentioned I took before shots.  I am not sure why I feel awkward sharing them.  They are not as bad as my very first before shots.  So, I decided to share.  Hopefully we will see some good progress at the end of the month!

So, there ya have it.  I have a long way to go to get back to where I as before I got pregnant.  :/

these three are self pics I took in February.  For some type of comparison.

May 28

weight 166.2 pounds, not too terrible.  Definitely a good starting point.  I didn't take the body fat measurement, but I did one recently at the gym, so I think I'll just use that as my starting point.
31.5% body fat on 5/16  My ultimate goal body fat is 20-24%.  I don't know how long that will take, but that isn't the point is it?

I did start tracking today, but got off of it.  I need to see how easily I can fill it in.


30/10 intervals (twice, with one minute rest)
Squats with bar (18# bar I think)
Planks x 2
8# DB lunges (30 sec each)
BOR bar
Chest press bar
Ball crunches
5 min elliptical interval warm-up
6 min walk interval cool-down

I also rode my bike to work after lunch which took 10 minutes both ways for a total of 20 extra activity minutes.  I am about to put some shoes on and take the dog for her walk too.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Buckling Down!

I have been working at this fat loss thing for a while and recently had a bit of  setback.  My darn thyroid decided to not function as well as I need it to.  I always feel like I am making excuses when I say it was my thyroid.  How often do we hear people say that?  I'm fat because I have a thyroid problem?  Yeah, frequently.  I WAS fat because of it.  I discovered how to work with my body and I lost the weight.  So, when I went from 34.5/35 inch waist in December back to a 37.5-38 inch waist in March, I knew something was wrong.  I spoke to my doctor and he ordered some labs and indeed my thyroid was not functioning as well as it should.  My vitamin D was also extremely low.

I did some research and discovered that vitamin D is closely related to thyroid function, it also can lead to weight gain when your D is low.  At my doctors suggestion I started an aggressive vitamin D supplementation.  We also decided that I should increase my Armour thyroid medication.  This has helped me lose a little bit of weight, which is great.  Now, I need to get focused...since I can with the brain fog and exhaustion cleared up.  I think there is possibly some stress induced waist gain in there too, hopefully the things i have started to help me relax will be beneficial too.

It stinks though, I was able to get down from 37.5/38 inches to 36 in about five weeks.  I took my fitness test on Aril 24 and failed since the max waist circumference is 35.5 inches.  Yup,I failed by half an inch.  I need to re-test in the end of June or beginning of July.  If I fail again it will be bad news.  So, I am getting back to really tracking what I eat and doing the workouts that have worked in the past.  I also think that getting on here and being accountable for my actions will help.

Anyone else up for a 30 Day Challenge????  I can't promise "before" pics.  I will take them, I'm just not sure I can post them.

Week One Goals:

Track food 3 days- eat what I want as long as it is paleo/primal
2 days HIIT (tabata)
3 days LISS (walk dog?)
2 days strength
take measurements
get body fat measured (hand held device)
"before" pics

End of Challenge goals:
35.5> waist
maintain lean mass