Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's ROLL!!!! AKA "I'm baaaack"

I have been such a slacker with my blog. It was time to get back to it, well, it was time a few weeks ago, I was just too lazy to do it. But, lucky you....I'm BACK!!!! 

Primal and happy of course. 

Quick low down of today's eats, then thoughts :) 

B-fast: 2 eggs scrambled with cream cheese, baby carrots 
coffee: too much, with about 2 tbsp heavy cream 
lunch: pork chop, butternut squash with butter 
snack: 5 almonds, 7 walnut halves, 2 squares dark chocolate 
dinner: pork chop (marinated in coconut milk and Indian spices), broccoli, sweet potato oven fries, 1 bite of a steak finger and about 1/4 of a chicken strip 
snack: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries with vanilla, 2 tbsp cream and pumpkin pie spice 
drinks: green tea iced tea (no sugar), hot green tea with coconut milk and lots of water 

What a great food day! I am so happy with how I ate and I feel great. Could I have skipped the bite of the steak finger and avoided the breading? Of course I could, same for the chicken strip. I probably *should have skipped both, but I didn't. Guess what? I don't feel guilty. I decided I wanted a taste and I had it. In the big picture, it is nothing but a bite. It didn't derail my efforts to get healthy. 

I am not a perfect primal princess. I am me, and i am doing this on my terms. A long term lifestyle that works for me. So, it includes some dark chocolate, Ritter-Sport of course and on occasion a bite of breaded goodness. When I was making that meal I had EVERY intention of eating a serving of each. Then I remembered the left over pork chop, and decided to go for that instead. So, when you see my food log for the day, you could look at it as *fail. My explanation of substituting the pork chop for two full servings of junk, hmmm changes the perspective a bit no? 

That is what this blog is about today. It is about choices. I ate bad over the holidays. Not as bad as I have in the past, letting my self go crazy from Thanksgiving until after New Year's. No, I wasn't a nut-so, but I didn't stick 100% to my plan. Even my 'attack the holidays' plan went a little awry when we decided to have friends over the weekend before Christmas. I had planned on only eating off plan on the specific holiday only and not in between. Well, this lead to FAR less bingeing and indulgences, but I still had more than just 3-4 off plan days. But, trying to keep it to special occasions only, did keep it to only 3 pounds gained on the Monday after NYE. And, by the next day 1.5# was gone. So, in reality only a 1.5# gain. Not too shabby! 

That gain was the result of a conscious decision to eat in a manner that I know isn't healthy. The difference between this year and times in the past? The difference is I am NOT letting it keep my in the wrong mentality. I am choosing to know that it was okay to eat like that. I am choosing to allow myself to enjoy what I had, the food, the friends the fun. 

I am choosing to live life, and enjoy it. 

I am choosing to be primal because I want to choose to eat bacon, and steak and eggs and all the yummy stuff that I love. Because I MISSED it. I thought about the grains, the potatoes and the sugars I had been eating and realized that none of them tasted quite as good as scrambled eggs with coconut milk and sriracha sauce. Nothing is as delicious as Thai green curry with shrimp. Jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. These are the foods I love. But, if I want to eat them I KNOW I can't eat the grains, beans pr potatoes. 

I spent a lot of time about two weeks ago going through my old food journals, I have them since before 2006. In 2006 I started using, and have food journals since that time. Not 100% compliant, but enough to get a good idea of my food habits over hte years. I *thought that I didn't go 'low carb' until I started the Primal Blueprint. I thought wrong. Even in 2006, 2007 and 2008 I was eating only between 35-55% of my calories from carbs. I was essentially 'low carb' according to SP and The Food Guide Pyramid. Yet between 2006 and Aug 2009 I only lost about 10 pounds or so,. So, if it wasn't the carb ratio...what the heck was it? 

Specifically it was the grains, the beans and the potatoes. When I first went pale/primal I was eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. It was summer in NJ and the produce was abundant, a half of watermelon, a pint of berries, plantains on a regular basis. My carb ratio stayed the same, but my weight loss did not. After YEARS of struggling and hungry and frustration Iw as losing weight. I am a special snowflake indeed, calories in/calories out does not apply to me. I was eating far more calories (which technically means I was also eating more grams of carbohydrate) and I steadily lost 30 pounds in 4 months. 

I posted on my blog in Nov 2009 my cholesterol results, which were much better. Same nutrient ratios. Better results. Where your food comes from matters! This was the lesson I learned. This is what has lead me to choose to eat primal. To choose health and happiness. 

Perfection is not my goal. I am so not a perfect person. But choosing happiness, that is within my scope of care. I can choose to eat right and be healthy. Lucky for me the choices I make are not only good for me, but fun and yummy. Can't beat that :) 


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