Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping it real!

So today was basically day three, it was supposed to be day one, but of course I started early.  So far so good.  I still need to figure out what I am going to do for strength training.  I am so having trouble motivating myself to do it.  I am technically doing some strength stuff with our Squadron PT, but not nearly enough so I can reach my goals.

The eating is great though. I love that I don't feel hungry all the time and my food is so yummy!  We had salmon cakes for dinner, they were so stinking delicious!  I pan fried them for a few minutes in bacon grease and then finished them in the oven.  We also had turnip greens, first time I have cooked them.  For some reason I thought they would be bitter, but they have a very mild flavor.

I am totally loving the extra workout after PT in the morning.  I got in the 30 minutes on the elliptical and felt great all day.  It make me laugh to think that people that eat 'low carb' have no energy.  That is so far from the truth for me.  I mean a person without energy wouldn't be bouncing on the trampoline at work, now would they? And my poor, poor, underfed brain.  It is just going to shrivel up and die....not!

Today was just a great day.  C and I worked on her rollie pollies for acrobatics.  Tomorrow we need to work on stretching.  I need to do this too!  And P has his second swim team practice.  Crazy how we went from the non-participators, to an activity just about everyday!!!!  It is fun though, and seeing the progress C is making with acro is awesome.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to put up my BF%:  29% as of today.

My goal for this challenge is to get it down to 27% or less, without losing lean mass.

I did okay today. 

My 10%: 
dark chocolate- 1 square 
Avocado Ranch salad dressing .25 serving 

20 mins jogging (last man ups) 
10 mins walking 
2 sets wall push-ups 
50 crunches 

elliptical x 30 mins: some intervals not HIIT 
fitter x 5 mins 
bouncing on trampoline x 3 mins 

Daily goals: 
take supplements- check 
90% primal- check 
track treats: check 
bed by 11- planning on it :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

End of Day 2

Not too bad today.  I was able to stick closely to my eating plan with only 2 treats; dark chocolate and Tyson Pepperoni Any'tizers.  I did not do my workout though, which I really need!  I need to do the strength training if I want to build muscle.  So, now I need to fit it in somewhere, I guess Friday and Saturday.  Well, unless I lift tomorrow and then do the elliptical on Saturday.  Something.

I weighed in this a.m.  I was 160, blah.  Not sure why since I still wasn't 'bad' since the last challenge ended.  I did miss my thyroid meds twice and was not using any coconut milk, could either of those have made that much difference?  I don't know.  But, it is still less than two pounds up from the end of the last challenge.  Downward from here!

I will use the scale at the gym tomorrow to measure my body fat percentage.

Getting to bed by 11 is such a challenge for me.  I wish it wasn't because I know it will help me lose weight and just feel better in general.

Anyway, that is all for now.  I need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow.

Daily Goals:
in bed by 11 p.m.- yes
take supplements: Vit D, magnesium, fish oil- yes
track non-primal foods- yes

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1 a little early :)

Yes a bit early.  A few friends had started a challenge yesterday, inspired by my first challenge :)

So, I decided to join them, it is always more fun to do it with some buddies!

I will weigh  myself tomorrow and do the BF% at the gym on Thursday.  I will do my measurements on Thursday so I can calculate the BF% with both methods to see if one or the other seems more accurate.

30 Day Goals:
drop BF% by 2+ points
increase lean body mass
take 1-2 minutes off 1.5 mile run
have noticeable changes in before/after pictures
increase biceps size

Daily Goals:
in bed by 11 p.m.
take supplements: Vit D, magnesium, fish oil
track non-primal foods

Weekly goals:
2 tabata sessions
2 elliptical sessions
2 strength sessions
Blog 3x a week

******Stats 9/28******

10%: 1 square dark chocolate, cheese stick, 1 teaspoon ice cream
exercise: circuits x 40 mins, HIIT on elliptical x 20 mins (5 min warm-up/5 min cool down)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Challenge II

So, I was really happy with the results of my first primal challenge.  I do good with 'competition' even if it is just with myself.  So, I am doing another one :)

Last time I lost 6.6 pounds of fat.  I am hoping to repeat that loss, or even do better.  Last time I lost 1.4 of lean mass, which could be muscle, water, glycogen or bone.  My guess is water, but you can never be sure.

So on 30 September I will start.  I picked that day because I don't like starting things in the first of the month, yeah I know I am a little silly like that.  I also will have Squadron PT, so I will be at the base gym, there is a good quality scale with a body fat percentage calculator, the BF% has been pretty similar to what I get with measurements.  I like it because it is easier to track, it spits out a paper with all my stats on it :)

I am adding a running portion.  I will do a practice 1.5 mile either Thursday or this weekend.  My goal will be to take 25-45 seconds off my time.  I will work on this goal by doing HIIT and endurance cardio 1-2 times a week using the elliptical.

So I will make easier to achieve goals.  And will work on blogging it at least every other day.

I am not sure what my daily/weekly goals will be but some ideas:
in bed by 11 (so hard for me)
elliptical for 30 minutes 2 times per week
tabata 2 times a week
lift heavy things 2 times per week (full body)
90% primal
track 'cheats'- I have decided tracking everything is too tedious.  I might do a full track one week day and one weekend day.  But, I NEED to keep track of my treats to make sure I am staying in my 90% primal mind set.

My overall goal is to improve my BF% and build muscle :)

I wonder what is a reasonable goal for my biceps measurement if I start at 11 inches? 11.5? 12?

So, who wants to join me?  Even just one person gives me someone to 'compete' with :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!!!!

That's right, the results of the 30 Day Challenge.  A little late, but better late than never, right?

So Sept 18 marked the end of my 30 day 'primal' challenge, it went well I think.

I am currently 157.6 pounds- down 7.1 pounds 

Here are the measurements from Aug 18:

thigh fullest par: 22.75 inches
thigh: 17
calf: 14
ankle: 8
right wrist: 6.25
right forearm: 10
right biceps: 11
waist: 36 (NW), 39 (AF)
hips: 40 
chest: 36.25
neck: 14

September 22
thigh fullest part: 22.5
thigh: 17.5
calf: 14.25
ankle: 7.75
wrist: 6
forearm: 10
biceps: 11
waist: 34.5 (NW), 37 (AF)- my way of measuring, not sucking in like I do for 'official' tapings 
hips: 38.5 
chest: 35
neck: 13.5
It looks like I lot an average of two inches off my waist and hips 

Total inches lost? About 8  I am not counting the gain in thigh or calf because those are most likely muscle gain- I was working legs a lot 

August BF %- 28.8% (47.4# fat, 117.6 lean)
September BF%- 26 (40.8 fat, 116.2 lean)
Lost 6.6 pounds of FAT!!!!  Lost 1.4 of lean, will need to work harder to maintain that next time.
Difference -2.8% I'll take it 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Ramblings

I have been totally slacking with my blog lately, sorry about that for those who take the time to read it.  I will try to be better.

Friday and Saturday ended up being pretty bad in the eating department, but I 'fixed' that yesterday and I am back on track :)

Here is my journal from yesterday on my weight loss support board, than today's journal entry follows;

"Well this weekend has been a bit bingey my guess it is AF showing her ugly head (the end of my cycle is quickly approaching- sorry if TMI). I totally learned a lesson though, eat my chicken before the friggin dog steals it! We went to a friends house last night with plans to sit by the fire and hang out, we bought stuff to make s'mores. I intended to eat just one as part of my 20%, the problem? I didn't eat enough good food before I left. Also, the piece of pizza, pretzels, chocolate, hot dog bun, chips and cookies I had the night before had set me up for cravings.

The remedy? Pure primal today to get past the cravings. I had some beef and chicken, a cup of tea with coconut milk, some grapes and almonds so far. I am about to eat a bit of bacon and then make some eggs. As long as I stay primal I shouldn't have anymore cravings, and it I do I will feed them with primal alternatives- like berries with cream or nuts with fruit...delicious and nutritious.

I was finally below 160 on Thursday! I weighed in at 159...woot! I upped my carbs a bit, I was trying to eat VLC, hoping it would encourage quick weight loss, but I was stuck. I went from about 30 carbs a day up to between 75 and 150 or so and I think that is what helped me lose. Last summer when I was losing a pound a day or so I was eating a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies, which is what made me decide to re-evaluate my intake recently. As long as I eat helathy carbs- veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds- some dairy too, I will do great."

Feeling good today.  I did end up eating about 2-3 potato chips yesterday (said a big fat 'no' to pretzels and cake).  When everyone else was eating the cake I had a small dish of ice cream, a better choice since it only contains 1 poison (sugar) and not all the stuff a store bought cake would have.

Today I will finish my batch cooking.  I did a pork roast in the crock pot yesterday, and some deli style roast beef, yummy!  Today I will cook the chicken legs and i think I might do some chicken livers to make pate.  I am also thinking of the salmon chowder Pat wants, it would make a good dinner tonight.

I am sticking with weekly weigh-ins for  a little longer.  I really like seeing the drop, and waiting a week means a bigger drop, which makes me smile.  I do get on my bathroom scale, but it is hopelessly inaccurate, so I don't really pay much attention to it.  My 'real' weigh-ins are on the Wii.

So, like I said I will try to be a good girl and update more frequently.  I am doing all that cooking today and may even include some food porn later ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why would you do that to yourself?

So just sitting here and a commercial comes on for a cholesterol lowering drug that doesn't help improve your risk of heart attack in the studies.  Not only that the side effects are insane.

"Omega-3-acid ethyl esters may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:
  • burping
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • change in the sense of taste
  • back pain
  • rash
Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
  • chest pain"

    On the site, it also has 'flu-like symptoms and infection'

    So, they want people to take a medication that has a lot of risks, and although it may lower cholesterol and triglycerides, does not prevent stroke or heart attack  The directions also say to eat low fat foods with it.

    Or, switch to a primal/paleo way of life  Enjoy the food you eat, lower your cholesterol, lose weight, gain energy, build muscle and EAT yummy food all the time.  Um, I think we all know the best answer here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving, moving, moving

Yup that's me, moving.  I have been doing a decent amount of physical activity again, it feels great too!

Haha, the knee isn't swollen today!!!  I even worked out without a problem.

Getting the right amount of water sure does help me feel better.  It is so friggin dry here that I had to add another 32 oz jut to feel like I am drinking enough, that is crazy.

Oh, tomorrow I 'lift heavy things'  I can't do any push-ups, so I will have to figure something else in there.  I am really looking forward to it though, crazy, huh?  I haven't found my weights yet, so I may use D's- he has adjustable ones.  I NEED to get the HIIT in there.  It is the only thing I haven't gotten back into since getting here, and I think it might be the missing link.


Breakfast 0800: lox with about .5 oz cream cheese, 1 slice bacon

Snack: 0845: 2 eggs scrambled with sirachi, coffe with H&H and .5 tsp honey powder

Lunch: pot roast, coleslaw, 4 figs, 10 almonds, 1 square dark chocolate

Snack: baby carrots, cottage cheese

Snack: 2 eggs scrambled with hot sauce

Dinner: homemade burger with a sprinkle of 4 cheese blend, hot sauce and cilantro wrapped in a lettuce leaf, cauliflower, spinach

100+ oz

20 minutes on the Precor AMT, moderate intensity inervals
2 mins on profitter
3 mins on mini-tramp

Feeling good! My knee was not swollen today, that makes me happy. It feels great to be cooking so many meals at home, especially because it is hard sometimes with work and everything else going on. I am so happy to be serving my children healthy meals.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Todays food:

0800: 1 slice brisket (home smoked), ome pulled pork- no sauce (about 2 ounces total)
1000: 3 slices thick cut bacon, 2 eggs scrambled, 1 slice brisket, small piece pulled pork
1100: peach detox tea
1700: 1.5 Italian sausages, a few baked sweet potato chips, 5 almonds
2000: green tea with H&H and a 1/2 tsp honey
2100: don't be grossed out, it was kind of tasty and I had to try it just once in my life chocolate covered bacon

Okay, I was down .2 from yesterday, not much but I'll take it.  I think I am still recovering from the over indulgence of wine on Friday night.  I am glad I got that out of my system, it is just a silly thing to do.

Today I NEED to get out and run and see what my time is.  I really hope it is under 15 minutes.  If it is I am pretty sure I can pas my fitness test.  I was stressing about it last night, and that isn't helpful at ALL.

I see someone tomorrow about my shoulder.  I know they hate when we do this, but I am also going to ask for some thyroid labs.  I don't think that the new med schedule is working, and it is time to get to the bottom of this.  I think I need an extra medication, so I will push for it again.  Hopefully, someone will listen this time.

Did the run, I did it in 15:53, not fast enough.  Hopefully when I do the real deal the added adrenaline and having my music will help me get at least a minute off my time.  I also need to make sure I hydrate well before going out there, especially the two days before.  I am seriously going to have to increase my water intake here, I don't think my NJ intake will be enough for this drier climate.

D and I took the little kids for a long bike ride too, about an hour of bike riding, a break for my run, and then a break for hte Par Course (some body weight exercises) and another break for the playground.  It was really nice and it was a good 'move slowly' workout.  I hope the weather stays nice enough for us to go a few more times.

I am thinking that I have finally restricted carbs enough, not something I like to do too often, but right now is crisis mode and I need to lose another inch.  I have a bit of a headache, usually a good sign of adequate carb restriction.  After about 2-3 days of that I should be good to go back up to my normal car intake as long as I make sure it is all primal.  No more breading on chicken, no more onion rings or fried zucchini.  I need to really do this right.  Seriously, I believe that grains are bad for human consumption, so I need to avoid them.  I want to be healthy, and eating foods that are not healthy will not help me achieve my goal.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tomorrow is a secial day!

So I just learned that tomorrow is International Bacon Day!!! Everyone MUST celebrate. Bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, bacon wrapped steak, or maybe even scallops with bacon are all in order for tomorrow. Heck, I may even buy me some dark chocolate and attempt chocolate covered bacon. Yeah, I know I am crazy!!

I did some measurements today, I was going to wait for the 30 days to be over, but I joined a challenge for September and it requires a body fat percentage, so I had to do measurements for it. Unfortunately, my BF% went up quite a bit from a few months ago, I am not happy about that. But, part of that is because I measured my hips differently then before. If I use the old way of measuring it is 28% and much closer to what it was before.

This challenge does include some things I can't/won't do, so I am at a disadvantage to get the most points. I won't be making sure I get 6 servings of wholegrains that is for sure.

But, since I did do some measurements I will post them here:

waist: 35 (NW), 37 (AF), 37 around naval
hips: 42.5 (new measurement), 39 (OM)
calf: 14
thigh: 23
wrist: 6
bicep: 11

So, although the scale has been up and down a bit, I did lose a bit from my waist. I can handle that. I really need to up the exercise and build some more muscle.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hmmm, how to address this?

I just read this, it is from 2008 or so, a little old.

But then you read this:

Hmm, do we believe an opinion or actual medical research? I'll think on this for a bit, and post my musings tomorrow.

another good food day!

I still need to figure out how to moce slowly for about 40 minutes more, not sure that is going to happen. But, I did great with my food, and since diet is 80% of weight loss I can handle that.

Nothing exceptionally yummy to discuss today, although putting the leftover stuffing from my homemade jalapeño poppers on top of a burger was sooooo worth it! The only thing that would have made it better was bacon, because you KNOW bacon makes everything better. I could eat bacon 15 meals a day. A little to much sodium, but yum!

David defrosted some pork chops, so I will figure out something yummy to make with those for tomorrow. He can throw them on the grill.

Oh, I picked up some jeans yesterday at the thrift shop for $10, a little more than I normally want to spend on thrift shop pants. But!!!! They are a size 14, and they fit perfect. Thank you American Eagle. Now it stinks that low-rise pants fit me like regular

Let's see f I can give an accurate rendition of the foods I ate. I so need to keep track as I eat it to make sure it is accurate.

0700: two hard boiled egg, 2 slices bacon, 1 piece beef jerky
0800: coffee
1000: beef jerky
1200: steak, carrots, snap peas
1400: cucumbers, beef jerky
1600: coffee, carrots
1700: bacon
1900: burger with popper stuffing (cream cheese, cheddar cheese, minced onion, garlic powder) and hot sauce, one bite of chef boyardee ravioli (blech, just as gross as I remember)
1930: 3 almonds

I heated up some French onion soup, but then didn't eat it. Not that hungry anymore. I still need 1 more serving of veggies though to get to 5 for a challenge I am doing. I am already in a deficit for this challenge, so I really need to 'rock' the things I can. The challenge includes days with whole grains, high carb days and limiting fats. I just can't do that to myself knowing how unhealthy it is to do so.