Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a test

I wonder if I am able to do what I am trying to do :)

This is a test

I wonder if I am able to do what I am trying to do :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Woot! Woot!

0700: steak and eggs, caveman cookie
0800: coffee with milk and 1 tsp sugar
1030: green tea
1200: steak- 2 oz, cheese stick
1330: green tea
1430: steak maybe 6 oz
1530: spinach
1900: pork carnitas, 1/2 avocado, broccoli with cheddar, onions, cilantro, hot sauce
1920: organic yogurt with raspberries, banana and cinnamon~ delish, 5 squares Hershey' Special Dark
2100: fresh coconut
2200: chai green tea
water: 3 x 32 oz, plus 12 oz, plus 24 oz = yum a lot?

exercise: 30 minutes Wii fir (play), quick ride around the neighborhood

I am doing better with being primal, but I did eat the breading on some chicken strips and fried zucchini- not good choices for any way of life. I have less then two weeks until my next ftiness test, so I need to stay focused to get this little bit of weight I put back on off. I would really like my waist to be 34 inches or less, but I am not sure that will happen

Today was a great day. I ate exactly right and feel satisfied. Our dinner was spectacular! I can't wait for tomorrow. I get to eat leftovers from dinner, woot!

The websire, Marks' Daily Apple, i doing a 30 day challenge starting 7 September, maybe I should join it. Maybe being in an official challenge will help me stay even more focused. Someone should join with me. One person, come on you can do it!

Lately my knee has been bugging me again. I wonder if it is from running twice a week on the wood floor in the gym? I am hoping it is not from me riding my bike to work, I enjoy that too much, even if I do look like a dork in my helmet and the coffee holder on the handle

The past few days I have seen an increase in my weight, not sure what that is all about, unless I really just can't have any bread/breading at all. Will be totally good about that for a few days and see the difference. I am still below my initial weight from Day 1 of the challenge, so I am not upset about it yet. Hopefully on Wed I still see a nice loss for the week.

So, I am embracing the Primal Blueprint Fitness mentality. I like hte way it includes playing as moving slowly as an important part of the plan. Like I said earlier, today was a move slowly day, which is also a play day. So I played. With the Wii Fit since it was raining. I forget how fun it can be. It certainly isn't a workout for me, but it i fun and active compared to sitting here blogging. Tomorrow should be a sprint day. I have to do mandatory squadron fitness, which includes sprinting most of the time, but not sprinting like the PBF likes you to do. I have decided it will still count, since I have no option about doing it or not. On Thursdays I will add about 15 minutes more of some lift heavy things to help round out the week. I need some pulling, grabbing activities, like pull-ups and rows. I am hoping following this type of exercise plan will help me get a beach body I can be proud of. I want to look good naked :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So far, eh

I have been good with what I am eating. Not so good with the idea of exercising. I need to, I know. But, D doesn't feel well and there are too many kids to leave him home alone with them. Not sure what to do about that.

1100: bacon, beef
120: 1 square Hershey's Special Dark
1300: steak, 1 'caveman' cookie
1330: pomegranate green tea

Still need to get up in Pat's room and put his bed together and do some laundry, yuck!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yes, I did it again.

I had to. I liked the brightness of the last template, but I didn't like the way it was laid out and I couldn't change it. This one allows my pictures to be the right size and is still fun to look at. So we shall see how long it stays this way.

Today has not been a great primal day. I ate too many M&Ms, blech. I feel crappy about it. I want to say I should skip the scale tomorrow, but I need to face the music. Argh. I hate that, but it is part of the game. I think maybe the fact that I have not been as faithful about keeping up with my goals and being accountable has hurt me. I need to make sure I take the time to put marks where I need to for each area I achieve a goal.

I also need to make sure I do my end of the week tally and review/revise my goals each Wednesday. I am still on track to make my long term goals for this challenge, but I still would like to achieve my weekly goals.

I didn't really track my food today. I did try to make carnitas in the Crockpot. We didn't eat it tonight, I am thinking it will be dinner tomorrow. Steak for lunch tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

Hmmm, maybe I should have D do some more progression pictures. They usually get me motivated to do better and to get to where the next picture looks even better.

I think right now I need to make a game plan for tomorrow. I need to stay focused and get my hiney in gear.

Food: primal- no M&Ms, eggs and bacon for breakfast, steak for lunch, pork for dinner
To Do: make jerky, laundry, put Pat's bed together
Exercise: run at Bear Lake (practice for test)

I think that is enough to start, just a few things i NEED to get done, everything else is gravy. With three extra kids in the house getting things accomplished is a little harder.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I totally didn't write things down as I ate them, so I am willing to bet I missed

breakfast: bacon, eggs, lox
snack: chocolate
lunch: 5 turkey slices, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, allouette garlic & herb cheese
snack: starbucks double shot espresso (the canned kind)
snack: almonds
snack: lox
dinner: popeyes chicken (95% of skin removed), 1 bite bisquit, mayo with hot sauce, green tea
snack: 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp coconut flakes (un-sweetned)

20 minutes bike (ride to from work)
25 mins walk/run

water 64+ (I drink two 32 oz water bottles, then don't track it after that)

Thoughts: Really not bad for the first day of my menstrual cycle. I really wanted to have ice cream, not just ice cream, but a sundae with peanut butter sauce and Reese's Pieces and whipped cream- yum. I guess I satisfied that craving enough with the banana concoction, not bad at all. I was up on the scale this morning, bleh, but it is the first day of my cycle, so it didn't surprise me. I guess that also explains why I lost weight for the week, but didn't lose any inches. Hopefully that will fix itself on Monday or son.

Making jerky tomorrow. I can't wait. I love homemade jerky, too yummy for words. It is one of the best things for helping me stay on track. I am hoping to get some berries too, maybe make a little fresh whipped cream. Mmmmm.

We have three extra kids this weekend, we are helping out a friend that is in the hospital. They are good kids, and just happen to be great ages to play with our kids. The girls are practically the same age and their son is right between our boys. Should make for an interesting time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping it Caveman

Not so great today since I ate a I am fairly certain cavemen didn't have hotdogs. It sure was tasty though, and I ate it plain without a bun or ketchup :)

Other than that I didn't do too bad today. I wieghed again this morning, and lost another .7 pound, woot! Some people don't like to weigh everydy, but for me it keeps me motivated. And even when I gain, like I did last week for a little bit, I don't let it make me feel like a failure. I use it to re-evaluate what I am doing. On Monday I had a gain and it made me think of the weekend. Well, on Sunday I ate a lot of alty foods. Tuesday a lot a bit, but not much, and then Wed I got on teh scale and lost 1.3 pounds over night. I am pretty sure all the water I drank on Tuesday was just flushing out the sodium from Sunday.

I really believe that if you ar enot crazy about it, weighing everyday can be okay.

I have not been tracking y goals the wya I should be, so I need to work on that and update my blog to reflect that. Some of htem I have barely even worked on and that defeats the purpose of having them. I will have to post them somewhere to remind me to do it.

D-man got the girls' bedroom looking pretty good tonight. I think this weekend I might work on the decorating in there. I think he is going to work on M's room next. We need to get our room finished up so we can not live in box world

I will have to add ym food log tomorrow. I am just too lazy to get it out of my bag right now. Well, I can do dinner and snacks and then add the morning and afternoon later.

1700: pistachios
1830: ribs, sauteed spinach
1930: green tea, caveman cookie
2000: hotdog
2100: caveman cookie

I worked out this a.m. too. We did about 35-40 minutes of running and different strength training stuff. Sort of a circuit training thing. Then later I did a few minutes on teh fittter.

I still need to get in a tabata session. I want to do it with my dumbbells, but may have to settle for jump rope.

Day 9

Already got my workout finished. I love my new command, we get workout time during duty hours, woot!

Today I weighed in at 161.2, down .7 from yesterday. I can handle that. :)

I can't wait to post my 'after' photo. SO far all I have is 'before and during' I wonder how long it will take to get to 'after'. I am thinking I want to weigh about 140 or so, but I also want to build some muscle in my legs, mostly my quads. I am thinking that I need to lose about 20 lb to get

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

0730: black chai tea, no milk, no sugar
0800: BK breakfast bowl, no potatoes
0900: coffee, 1 tsp sugar
1200: roast beef, tomato, lettuce, 1/4 flour tortilla, steak- about 2 ounces
1335: 1 square dark espresso chocolate
1500: almonds
1700: garlic chips, almonds
1730: pomegranate green tea
1900: thai curry with ground beef and pork, about 4-5 oz blackberry merlot

Water: 64+ oz so far

exercise: tabata
, boo, I never got around to it :(

I lost a total of 2.9 pounds this week, very excited!

I need to get groceries, we have NO eggs and that is just not I love eggs and I need some for breakfast. I am not sure what I will even eat for breakfast tomorrow. We shall see I guess.

I didn't get to measure my waist and hips. I was working on it and just got flustered since i had to take Caroliegh to her first day of kindergarten. So, I will do it tomorrow in the morning. I don't think there will be a difference, but eh, worth a try.

I didn't do any tabata today. I did do about 2 minutes on the profitter and bouncing on the mini-tramp. I need to find my dumbbells so I can do some thrusters and stuff. That is the best workout. Have you ever tried it? Intense! You do 20 seconds of dumbbell thrusters and then rest for 10 sec, repeat that until you get to four minutes. It doesn't seem like much, but it will kick your booty.

I feel like I didn't eat enough today. Maybe the lack of fruit and veggies? I don't know.

Week 2, Day 1

Woot! Down 2.9 pounds from last week. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 7, tomorrow is measurement day!

0745: hard boiled egg, small piece of steak
0830: coffee, milk, 1 tsp sugar
1200: smoked salmon, 1 stuffed grape leave, 1 slice bacon, pomegranate green tea, tomato soup
1400: 8 almonds
1445: small piece fresh coconut, peach
1510: 1 square chocolate
1600: steak, about 2 oz
1700: garlic chips, 2 stuffed grape leaves
1930: broiled salmon, applesauce
2000: green tea

water: 64+ oz

15 min elliptical- lvl 3
15 mins circuits- planks (30 sec), crunches, triceps, weight lunges (5# dumbbells), jump rope (20 sec), medicine ball twists (10#)- 20 reps each two sets.
bike x 30 mins (rode to work, home for lunch, back to work, home again)

push-ups: sets on 3 step 10, 5, 5, 5- so I am making myself do a set of push-ups every time I go upstairs. Today and tomorrow I will start with 10 for the first set and then do 5 for each after that. I will rest a day and then do 15 on the first set and 7 for each set after, etc. I figure even if they are not 'real' push-ups they will help me get stronger, and they don't hurt my shoulder the way 'real ones do.

Well, since yesterday was another not so great in the food department day, not terrible, but the darn sodium, ugh! So I need to step it up with the exercise. Friday I have a mandatory run, so I won;t get the chance to swim. I might have to go for hte swim on Saturday. I am happy though that I was down .7 pounds since yesterday, so that makes up for the bit of a gain from Sunday's salt fest. I think I will be at 1.6 pounds lst for the week if I stay at the same weight tomorrow. I can handle that :)

Well, all the salty foods are out of the house. The only cheese left is cheddar which I rarely eat and a bit of permesan, which I eat, but only with saucy foods. I ate the last of the grape leaves, so I should be able to 'be good'. We need to do a major 'shop; and stock up on some yumminess, but we have enough meat to get us through the week.

I found this recipe and will totally be trying it very soon. I may even try it as the topper for Shepherds pie, yummmy!!!

I know I shouldn't be too worried about the weight, I just was so excited to be down over 2 pounds! But, even 1 pound a week is good. With the added exercise I should be burning more fat, but I could be adding muscle too. I will see what my inches are for waist and hips tomorrow.

I am feeling more energized already though, I love that. Motivated to ride my bike to work :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


I ate too much salty stuff yesterday. I need to watch out for that :(

0700: 1 hard boiled egg, 2 slices bacon, 1/2 avocado
0900: coffee, milk, 1 tsp sugar
1000: beef jerky
1045: 8 almonds
1200: 1.5 carnitas tacos, only 1 corn tortilla, two homemade jalapeno poppers
1345: piece dark chocolate
1400: beef jerky
1600: caveman cookies
1530: fish from sushi, pistachios
1900: tomato soup with cheese, steak
2000: green tea

Water: 64 oz +

Thoughts: I ate too much crap yesterday. That has GOT to stop! By crap I mean fried stuff. Fried chicken gizzards. I know some people think they are gross, but I like I need to make my own without batter and all the extra salt. I am 99% sure the problem is the salt, blech.

I still seem to be having trouble with avoiding the sodium :/

Exercise: I plan to do tabata this afternoon, and maybe go with my son for a bike ride.- nothing, My husband had to go visit a friend in the hospital

Tomorrow I will be bale to exercise because I have squadron PT. I made my goal for workouts, but not with my family :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Five

Well, I think the cider had more effect on my weight than I though it would. I was up .4 this morning, but still down 1.8 since Wednesday. Lesson learned, the wine is okay- the cider is not. I suppose this will vary from person to person. It could also be that I ate WAY too much cheese yesterday, I will have to limit that a little better.

We have a lot of errands to run today, need to get some groceries, bike helmets, new shoes, all kinds of stuff. We will be heading to Fairbanks shortly. I know David also wants to try to visit with our friend C that is in the hospital.

On the exercise front, my bike is all ready to ride, just need a new lock so I can secure it at work. I also saw that there is a climbing wall at the gym, that is pretty cool and i want to try it. I am thinking about entering a triathlon in Anchorage this Spring. It isn't a crazy long one and I think that focusing on training will keep me motivated during the long cold winter. The swim is 500 yards, the run is 4.1 miles and the bike portion is 10 miles. I think that is manageable, and if I complete it I get to say I am a triathlete, something I have always wanted to say. I need to get in the pool soon and see if I will be able to train the swim portion with my shoulder being clicky.


1030: beef jerky, homemade 1 piece
1115: 1 hard boiled egg, 1.5 slice bacon, 1 'pat' butter, dash jalapeno hot sauce, fresh brewed iced tea
1130: 1 slice liverwurst
1300: beef jerky
1730: fried chicken gizzards, 1 bite sausage, 3 fried jalapeno poppers- bad choices :(
2100: homemade poppers with bacon, 4 small tuna roll pieces, 2 larger California spicy roll pieces (together equal 1 roll)
1030: 1 square dark chocolate

I feel like i forgot to log something, but I don't think I did, it just seems like not a lot of food . I made some bad choices with the fried stuff. I think I need to get a fryer, yes I would still be frying foods, but I could leave off the breading. Might be something to ask for as a Christmas present.

We bought some curtains for the house, they look nice. We also picked up an area rug, now our house is starting to look like a home. We are almost all ready for winter with boots and snow pants and stuff for all the kids. I still need to get a pair of snow pants for myself.

I need to work harder at getting in the study time and the family exercise session. I think tomorrow it will be a walk after work.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yeah Baby!!

The meatballs were so good with the sauce and some melted cheese. I don't even think I will change the recipe. Maybe add some parsley, but they really don't need anything else. Even the kids loved them....WOOT!

Spent some time with our neighbors down the street, I had one 'adult beverage', a Hornsby's Cider. Not too bad as far as adult beverages go.

For next week I may add some un-packing to my goals since it just doesn't seem to want to get down on its own. Stupid boxes!!! Why can't they un-pack themselves?!?!?

I really think I am doing well with sticking to my other goals this week though. I spent about 25 minutes studying today. It means I need quite a bit more the rest of the week to catch up, but it is still more than I did last week, or even ALL of last month for that matter.

I aired up my bike tires today, so I can ride my bike to work on Tuesday. I am not sure if I should count those as exercise sessions or not. Maybe I will make a separate place to track that.

Tomorrow I am going to try to make carnitas, and I need to defrost the pork to make bulgogi with, yummy! I love being able to eat meat, meat and more meat.

Day Four

Just getting functioning this morning, a little late getting out of bed. I am surprised the children didn't destroy the house. So, I am still doing well. Down another .9, woot! So far that makes 2.2 pounds since Wednesday.

Last night we were sitting talking with some new neighbors and I heard the one guy saying he hadn't eaten since noon. And that he was doing the same thing today. What?!?!? In all of my craziness to try to pass my fitness test, starvation was NOT on the list. We talked about how that would destroy his metabolism and just make things worse. He knew it, but didn't care. All he wanted was to lose the weight so he could pass his fitness test in September. Of course I had to tell him about my way of life. I told him I had lost about 1.5 pounds since Wednesday, and that David had lost more. He was intrigued and started asking questions. I think he is going to switch starting today. It appealed to him that he could eat as much as he wanted and not have to starve. Heck yeah!

So far I have just had water. I guess a little intermittent fasting this a.m.

1030- egg, cheese and sausage, with hot sauce (of course)
1200- fresh brewed un-sweet iced tea
1300- 2 steak fingers, 4 small shrimp
1315- 1 meatball
1452: 11 pistachios
1530: coffee with milk and 1 tsp sugar, 3 clam strips
1618: half of a large banana
1800: 1 slice liverwurst,piece of mozzarella cheese
2000: Hornsby's Cider
2130: 3 meatballs, sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese

I have to say thank you to store bought frozen meatballs. Because of them I am trying to make my own meatballs for the first time ever. I had to be creative to figure out how to make them without breadcrumbs. I decided to go with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic. I also added some parmesan and mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper. No, cheese is not 'paleo' but I still eat it. So far it doesn't seem to cause me any problems. Anyway, I NEVER knew that frozen meatballs contained soy protein, I didn't think to look. Well the other day I was buying some and decided to check the ingredients and was saddened to see 'textured soy protein; on every bag, even the turkey ones. So, I had to go back around to the other side of the store and pick up some ground beef and ground pork. Now, the first product of my experiment is sitting in front of me. I am a little Ah, there was NO need to be nervous, it tastes pretty darn good. A little more dense then the frozen ones, but it has the texture of meatloaf, so it is passable.

Meatballs, no breadcrumbs:
Pre-heat oven to 400

1 pound ground beef
.5 pound ground pork
5 fresh mushrooms, ground up
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
Olive Oil for sautéing
minced onion
garlic powder
one egg
3 tablespoons shredded parmesan
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella ( I used mozzarella from a block and round it in the food processor)
salt and pepper to taste

Sauté the onions until translucent, add garlic, then add mushrooms. Sauté until a little dry
Add all ingredients and combine gently.
Form into balls.
Either place the meatballs in muffin tins, or on crumpled aluminum foil on a baking sheet. (it seems the crumpled aluminum foil was better, but I still want to get some mini-muffin tins and try that.)
Bake for 20 minutes, turn over and bake an additional 5 minutes until golden brown and delicious.

I *think you could replace the mushrooms with shredded zucchini or other dryer veggie. But, even if you don't like mushrooms, you won't taste them in the finished product.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Three

Things seem to be going well. It is so easy when you just "do it". Decide to eat right and just stay the course. Put your mind to it and say,, "I can't eat this." I know that seems so simple, and it is simple, but it seems to really work for me. I remind myself that if I eat some foods I gain more weight and raise my cholesterol. And those foods, like bread and chips, don't taste as good as- no not as good as thin feels- they don't taste as good as BACON, and steak and beef jerky. I love that by skipping bread I can fill up on yummy, perfectly cooked steak and NOT worry about my cholesterol. What a wonderful feeling.

My plan for lunch was to attend a luncheon at work, but I wasn't able to go. Luckily, I had two chicken legs with brussel sprouts in the fridge along with some baby carrots. Woot! Crisis averted, no last minute trip to Burger King. Lesson learned? Always have back-up food available.

Today's workout was okay, nothing exciting. I really hate the hamster wheel kind of stuff, I did something made by Precor. It can work similar to a stepper and an elliptical. I guess it was okay, just boring. I need tunes if I am going to use it again. I did check out the aerobics room afterwards and saw they have some neat equipment. I should be able to do an awesome circuit workout. I much prefer 20-30 minutes of intense activity to 45 minutes of cardio!

We have two extra children for the night. My friend C is in the hospital with complications from surgery a few weeks ago. He is in way too much pain, not cool at all.

Breakfast: coffee
snack: almonds
snack: beef jerky
snack: baby carrots
lunch: brussels sprouts, 2 chicken legs
snack: 1 piece dark espresso chocolate
snack: Slim Jim, 2 slices liverwurst, sweet tater fries with mayo and hot sauce
dinner: steak (NY Strip, yum!), wilted baby spinach
snack: hard boiled egg

And in case you were wondering, yes I eat a piece of chocolate almost everyday.

This will be the last day I break down my food by 'meals'. Since I tend to eat a little funny, I am going to put the time I eat something instead. Like my first snack today of almonds was around 8 a.m. right after I got into work, then the second was around 8:30-9. Those *could be considered my breakfast. So, I will just do the list that way, according to the time I ate the meal.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2

Today started with Squadron PT, which means EXERCISE! We did 'circuit' training, some running and strength mixed in. Sure wish they didn'tmake us do mountain climbers, those hurt my wrist. But, overall a good booty will be sore tomorrow for SURE!

Food for the day (I will add to this throughout the day):

breakfast: half avocado, scrmabled eggs with cheese, bacon, 4 oz of whole milk, dahs of hot sauce...Death Sauce baby!!!!!
coffee: whole milk and 1 tsp sugar
snack: beef jerky, 1 square dark chocolate
snack small apple, 10 almonds
snack: beef jerky
dinner: baked chicken marinated in yogurt and spices- Indian inspired with curried zucchini and cauliflower

water: 64 ounces minimum

I am going to add some gadgets to track my goals, weight and measurements so you don't have to scroll through all my posts to see the stats :)

So, I did not achieve on of my goals last night. I didn't get in bed before 11 p.m. I was in bed before 11:30, I think it was about 11:15, which is a HUGE improvement for me. I will keep working on it. Since I normally go to bed at about 12:30 - 1a.m. I feel like I made progress.

Weight: 163.8

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food and Thoughts

Okay, so Day 1 wasn't too horrible :-)

Breakfast: coffee, milk and sugar (not primal, but a little bit is allowed), beef jerky, egg yolk
snack: 10 almonds, 1 square dark chocolate (serving is 6 squares)
snack: more beef jerky
lunch: rotisserie chicken, salad with Asian dressing, mayo (found some made with canola oil :-) )
snack: Slim Jim, beef jerky
dinner: mozzarella sticks, clams, curry chicken salad
dessert: blackberries with cream

Okay, I did that from memory. I will do a better job of really keeping it honest tomorrow. I have to write it down as I eat it for it to be accurate. Also, we had some foods that are not really primal left in the kitchen so we did eat those today- mozzarella sticks and fried clams. After that stuff is gone I won't be buying anymore.

My Goals:

-Lose 5-10 pounds
- journal, food diary
-Blog 3-4 times a week
- exercise 3-5 times a week, 3 times for work and two days with family
-be in bed by 11 p.m.
-tuck the kids into bed

Okay, so some of my goals are family oriented, like the exercise with the family and tuck the kids into bed. I think that if I want to get my body right I need to get my mind right and my heart right if I want these changes to stick. I know I can do this, I just need to quit being lazy.

thigh fullest par: 22.75 inches
thigh: 17
calf: 14
ankle: 8
right wrist: 6.25
right forearm: 10
right biceps: 11
waist: 36 (NW), 39 (AF)
hips: 40
chest: 36.25
neck: 14

So I plan on doing full measurements at the end of the 30 days. That way I am not disappointed if there are only small changes daily. I am 'bad' and weigh daily, it just seems to work for me. I don't think I will post my weight every time, probably just once a week.

So, is there anything my 'followers' would like to see? Question? I will try to answer them the best I can :)

Day One 30 Day Challenge

So I am re-committing to a 30 Day Challenge, it was D's idea and we are starting today. He told me about it last night, I think I do better with last minute stuff. I have had a lot of people ask me what I eat, and where they can get info and all kinds of other questions. So I am blogging this challenge. Who asked for a blog? I don't remember exactly who it was, but here ya go!

So day one includes goal setting and idea sharing. I wrote my goals down in my notebook at work, so I will share them later when I get home. Part of my goal is to make at least a small post everyday.

I did do measurements, and may do pictures later, not sure I feel like sunjecting myself to that again. If you wuold like to see my pictures from last time you can view them here. I was originally going to keep track of the challenge through Facebook Notes, but I think a 'real' blog will work better.

Today's measurements:

Natural Waist (NW): 36
Air Force Waist (AF): 39
Weight: 164.7 (I think, will have to check the Wii to make sure, if it is different I will adjust)

So, that makes me up about 11-12 pounds from where I was in January, not good. It is about 5 pounds more than I weighed 71 days ago when I last got on the Wii. I know one goal is to lose about 5-10 pounds. If I lose more I won't be upset either, but I wanted a realistic weight goal, and 1-2 pound a week is a good amount to lose.

I think I will do meals either in a separate post, one per day, or even each meal separate, not sure.

I hope that by doing this I can stay on track, and maybe help others to see that being Primal is not the end of the world.

I will be back later with my journal, goals and additional measurements.