Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here Goes! Day One

So this is it, getting to be the end of Day 1 of the 30DC.

Here are my measurements:

weight: 158.1
BF% by impedance: 29% (woot! down a point already, go hydration)
BF% by measurement:  You have 27.6% body fat.
                                                 You have 43.6 Pounds of fat and 114.4 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water)
All measurements in inches
ankle: 7.5
calf: 14 1/8
lower thigh: 17
upper thigh: 22
hips: 40 (sigh)
      natural waist (NW) -34.5       AF measurement- 37 (eek!)  AF measurement sucking it in-  34.5
chest: 35
wrist: 6 1/8
forearm: 10
upper arm:      relaxed- 11 contracted- 11.25
neck: 13.25

     So, there it is.  The starting over point.  I really feel like the last few months have had a negative impact on my health.  I need to keep that in mind if I am injured again and find a way to maintain my muscle composition.  Going backwards on all those things has been quite an eyeopener.  I do have to say though that I took the measurements at night.  I may redo the waist and chest measurements because of all the water and stuff in my belly right now.  They are probably more accurate in the morning.
Other goals:
 Laundry-    Got the girls laundry in the wash.  I couldn't remember which day it was for what was supposed to be accomplished, but as long as one was done it isn't a complete failure if I did the wrong load. 
Fitness- Did 10 minutes of running without stopping, then about 12 minutes of walking.  I finished that portion with two 200 meter sprints.  I did a total of 40 counter level push-ups, with the closer grip.  Wow, those are more difficult!  I can do it though, I know I can.    
Nutrition-  I didn't log on the food tracker today, but I will tomorrow. I think that is helpful, especially for anyone wondering what exactly I do eat.
     veggies/fruit: celery, cucumber, red bell pepper, apple, berries
     off plan- 1 square dark chocolate, 3 chocolate covered coffee beans (<10% off)
     water 90+ ounces
Day 1 seems like a success to me.  I could have had a bite of a steak finger (grains) or a piece of a candy cane (just not good), but I didn't I said, "no".  I could have skipped the sprints.  I made a lot of choices today, and all of them were good.  Oh, yeah and free pizza.  I could have had free pizza, but I just the topping today.  Oh, yeah baby.  The power of the 30DC!
Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Little personal things not specific to the challenge:
in bed by 11 on work nights
drink 80+ oz of water
make lunches night before
I think that is enough for one night.  More 'deep thoughts' to come as the 30DC continues.

Has anyone decided to join me?  Let me know and make a comment!


Nutmeg1976 said...

I did redo the waist measurements today and this morning they are all 1-2 inches less, so I updated those.

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