Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Has Been too Long!

I haven't blogged on here or my other blog for a while.  I guess not much to say.

I did use the body fat calculator at the gym on Friday.  In the afternoon, so the weight was not accurate, but I was down to 28% body fat, and had 114.something pounds of lean tissue.  Not sure how that happened since I have been eating below 130 grams of carbs a day.  According to the article by that dietitian I am supposed to be LOSING lean tissue, not maintaining and I certainly should not be LOSING body fat.  I thought it was supposed to be water weight?!?!  And water weight is considered 'lean tissue'.  Darn, I must be a special chick!

I guess I am happy with my results, already down a percentage point of body fat :)  I am, what?  14 days into the challenge?  Maybe if I keep it up I can lose another point, or even gain some lean!  I was not able to work out as much as I normally do, so with three good workouts this week a gain is a possibility.

I need to continue my series on the Q&A with that dietitian, I just haven't had the desire to.  I suppose dedicating my brain power to my promotion test studies probably had something to do with that.  I tested Friday though, so now I have some time left for other things.  I will be taking the GRE this summer, so I need to focus on that soon.  I need a math refresher for sure!  Expect another post tearing apart the dietitian one day this week.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's ABout Personal Responsibility People!

Some lady in California is suing Nutella.  Why?  Because they claim to be a part of a healthy breakfast.  She didn't realize it contained sugar and saturated fat.  So she is suing them because she fed it to her kids.


Are you kidding me?  Did she not read the label.  Does she not pay attention to the healthy information available all over the internet, sent home from schools and on T.V. shows?  Seriously!  If she went to school anytime during the last 30 years she had a nutrition/health class of some sort.  They told me when I was 8 years old in 1984 that things high in sugar were not good for you.  This led me to decide, at a mere 8 years old that sugary cereal was not a good choice for breakfast.

I just asked my 11 year old son if he thought Nutella was good for him.  His response?  "No."  With a head shake.  He then said it could be PART of a healthy breakfast if you "ate one, or half".  So, my 11 year old son gets it.  He understands that in moderation it can be healthy.  Of course I had to prompt him on what you could eat it with since we are talking healthy here.  He said 'bacon and eggs', then said well maybe 'waffles, or toast', knowing full well WE don't consider them healthy, but according to our government it is a whole grain world and they sure are healthy.

I wonder if that is part of the reason the government doesn't want to change their guidelines.  Admitting whole grains are not that healthy would  result in a class action lawsuit.

The government made me fat because they told me to eat insulin spiking carbohydrates and leaky gut causing grains!

Oh, wait.  Maybe I should sue Nutella for telling m that their product will help me get my kids to eat more whole grains.  :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Article that Started it All! (Dietitian Exposed Part 1)

Well, maybe not ALL as in the very beginning of my way of life, but it did start this most recent challenge. I know I posted it before, but it still haunts me.  The information is just so inaccurate, it is really all just this person's opinion.  There are no hardcore facts.  Yet, people read it and latch on to it as the honest truth.  I have trouble with inaccuracies being trusted, I believe in honestly and integrity.  I am sure this dietitian believes she is giving good advice, but she really isn't.  That is really disturbing to me too.

Here is the link again: (1),(3),(4)

I am not sure if I will get to everything, but I will try and if needed will do it on more than one post.

The nutritional information provided here on carbohydrate controlled diets is based on research, education and clinical experience. I don't quote specific research studies as this website is for the general public not for nutrition scientists to debate various studies.(1)
This part is probably very true.  They use research, but like any person only reviews things that support their belief system.  Another issue is that there just hasn't been very much GOOD legitimate research in the nutrition world.  Most of it is epidemiological studies based on people reporting on their diets over a period of time.  It is widely known that humans are not very good record keepers when it comes to their personal eating habits.  So, yes they use research and look at studies, but most of them are pretty flawed.  Including things like the average end food 'cohorts' eating almost the same diets by macronutrient ratios, yet still classifying them as being within the parameters of the study.   In this study that is perfectly clear:

Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone Diets for Weight Loss and Heart Disease Risk Reduction(2)

This represents the four diets from the above study, can you tell me which diet was the low carb one?

Diet 1: 1832 KCal, 208g CHO, 64g FAT, 83g PRO ( 45% CHO, 31% FAT, 24% PRO )

Diet 2: 1757 KCal, 173g CHO, 72g FAT, 90g PRO ( 40% CHO, 37% FAT, 23% PRO )
Diet 3: 1886 KCal, 190g CHO, 81g FAT, 86g PRO ( 40% CHO, 39% FAT, 21% PRO )
Diet 4: 1819 KCal, 218g CHO, 64g FAT, 77g PRO ( 48% CHO, 32% FAT, 20% PRO )(2)

I have no idea which diet is which, but it shows how inaccurate the research really was because all the diets are pretty similar in macronutrient ratios. Did you know that the Ornish diet is supposed to be 70 CHO, 10% fat and 20% protein?  Do you see even one group that achieved that goal over the course of the study?  I sure don't.  But the abstract says they were 'compliant' with their prescribed diet.  I really don't see how that can be considered compliant. All of these ratios, compared to the Food Guide Pyramid, are technically considered 'low carbohydrate' or at least 'lower carbohydrate' diets, no wonder they worked. Yet, this is the type of study that is used for the 'research' mentioned by the dietitian.  Not so impressive, is it?  I would guess they don't want to share their research because it is obvious it is manipulated or just flat out misinterpreted.

Secondly, high or low blood sugars do not cause anxiety attacks. The cravings and obsessing you describe are more indicative of binge eating.(3)
Really, blood sugar levels do not cause anxiety attacks?  Hmmm, I have experienced it personally when I had an attack of hypoglycemia.  When your blood glucose levels are too low it will trigger a stress response, this includes a flood of adrenaline into the body.  This flood of adrenaline results in an anxiety attack.  The body does not care that the 'flight or fight' response was the result of low blood sugar levels.  It reacts the same way regardless of where the stimulus comes from, so people that are prone to anxiety attacks will experience them more frequently when they have unstable blood sugar levels. Now, some say this might not be true and that anxiety attacks have nothing to do with blood glucose levels.  But, those same people will admit that a case of hypoglycemia will cause symptoms that are very similar to and can be mistaken for an anxiety attack. The original person that commented and asked the question of the dietitian is not a medical professional, and would not know this.  The same would be said for the audience of people reading her response.  What would have been a better thing to do was clarify that low blood glucose levels* cause symptoms very similar to an anxiety attack, but not an actual anxiety attack.  Although, I have experienced this phenomena and I will say it sure SEEMED like an anxiety attack.  And you know they say perception is reality, right?

High blood sugar is one symptom of diabetes and is caused by a lack or insufficient production of insulin. Low blood sugars is one symptom of hypoglycemia which is triggered by eating high carbohydrates, especially simple sugars and sweets, which causes an overproduction of insulin.(4)
Here it seems to me she doesn't quite grasp the difference between Type I and Type II diabetes.  Type one is caused by a lack of insulin, whereas Type II is the result of either a lack of insulin OR hyperinsulinemia (high insulin, or over production of insulin).  Insulin resistance (IR) is what causes Type II diabetes in many people, IR is a situation in which the cells of the body are not able to use the insulin appropriately to reduce the blood glucose levels.  This leads to high levels on insulin in the blood.  Eventually this leads to Type II diabetes.  Does this medical professional really want to stand by her statement? Wanna read more about it?  Check out this great article on it.

Okay, that is all for now. Reading the next question and her answers has lead me to realize that each question deserves its own post.  There is just that much wrong information being presented as truth.

So, more to come.  Maybe as a Friday night project.

Tomorrow I will post the yummy stuffed portobellos we had for dinner, delish!!! (with food pron)

*note that ANXIETY is one of the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3

So, I have been busy with a class this week.  Unfortunately, because of the class I missed two of my fitness sessions with my squadron.  That leaves me just Friday afternoon, but I think we are having a commanders call or something.  I guess missing out on my longer workouts might mean the silly dietitian wins for this week.  I mean I can't possible stop myself from losing muscle if I am not in the gym pumping iron and running my butt off 5 times a week, can I?

So, I did do some push ups an dips today in the lounge at the building where I am taking the class.  Nice, huh?  I was waiting for the micro to heat up my chicken a tad.  Maybe tomorrow I will do some squats instead :)

I have managed to stay below 130 carbs each day so far this week.  I was super lazy about logging it yesterday, I only bothered with the carby foods, veggies, fruits, etc.  I had about 60 yesterday.

I got my new running shoes!  I sure wish I was going to the gym tomorrow to test them out!  Maybe if the hubby doesn't have to work late I can squeeze in a gym session after class.

Oh, I found an *almost primal 'make do' for sushi!  I love sushi, it has got to be just about one of my favorite foods of all time.  Of course, sushi rolls come with rice, which on occasion is okay but on a regular basis needs to be avoided.  I took some cucumber (perfectly primal) and marinated it in miso and sushi vinegar (not so primal).  Then I wrapped it up in the nori, just like sushi.  Let me tell you, it was exactly the same, but it makes a good substitute for eating more frequently.  I am not totally anti-miso because it is a fermented soy product, which we know is not as bad for us as straight up soy.  It isn't a darn veggie burger or tofurkey or anything nasty like that.

I have to take a moment to brag.  N1S got fourth place in the science fair!  That is a huge accomplishment for him and I am so proud!

I guess that is all for now.  I have been tracking my goals and such in my notebook and will update later.  I haven't made it to the gym to test body fat percentage or anything, but I did do it last week, so I may just go with that for my starting weight and percentage of body fat.  Same with the measurements, use the ones from the end of the last challenge.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Challenge Already?!?

Yes!  I need to do this.  I am in the 'prove em' wrong' mind set now.  So starting tomorrow.  Yues, tomorrow, I am going to be as strict as I can.  I will eat chocolate, drink coffee and have dairy.  The timing will be good because this challenge will end before St. Paddy's Day ;)

So, this challenge is the build muscle while low carb challenge.  It means I will have to remain below 130 grams of carb a day.  According to this Q&A with a registered dietitian a person under 130 grams of carbohydrate a day will catabolize muscle.

"Both 30 and 55 grams of carbohydrate per day are less than the minimum 130 grams necessary to prevent loss of lean tissue (muscles and organs). I would not recommend either for weight loss as you are likely to regain this weight once you stop dieting. Read the questions and answers below for more information."

 "The problem with these diets is that after the first few days, body stores of glucose (glycogen) are depleted and the body turns to the only other source of glucose which is lean muscle tissue (organs and muscles). Metabolic rate decreases because the body thinks it is starving and because the muscles that burn calories are cannibalized to provide glucose."
So, I am making it MY mission to show that it isn't as cut and dried as that.  We shall see what happens to my poor widdle muscles when I consume under 130 grams of carbs per day.

This thread is the impetus for my thoughts.  The fallacies and lack of true understanding is so frustrating.  It is especially difficult to read from the 'professional.

Anyone willing to join me?  30 Days of lower carb, you can go even lower than 130 if you want to.

I will include my normal workouts, and try to add an extra 'lift heavy things' day.  I am very much wanting to get to 20 push-ups ASAP.  Real ones, on the floor not the stairs.  I am down to the 3rd stair now, will move to the second hopefully this week.  I really want to get my back more muscular.  I am hoping that this 30 days of lower carb will lead to seeing better definition in my back since it should lead to less back fat...shudder.

Will take 'before' pictures and measurements on Tuesday.  This is the day I can use the BF monitor at the gym, so it makes sense.  Let's see what 30 days can do when you REALLY stick to it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Update

I am offically finished my last 30DC, and I am not upset about the reults, but Iknow they could have been better. I will buckle down and do it for real next time. I am thinking I will start sometime next week. 30 Days Full Primal. I can do it. It will HAVE to include push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. 

My next fitness test will be in April. I am hoping the last week of April so I can run outside. But, there is talk I will have to do it before my EPR closes out, which means by April 12th. It seems in my brain that I have "plenty' of time, but I know that isn't true. 

I have stepped up my running. I ran twice this week. Not as far as I would have liked, but still within in profile. I did 12-12 laps today, which means I moved my body 1.5 miles, but I didn't run all of them. Six of the laps were running and I did them in about 65 seconds each. Not bad, and right in line with my goal of 13 minutes or less for the mile and a half run. I am giving myself 8 weeks to get to that goal. Last Friday I ran one lap only at that pace, this week I ran two laps at that pace. Each week I will increase a lap, running it in 65 seconds. So, one week I need to do an extra. I think doing it this week coming up makes most sense. So, I will do 3 laps with about a 65 second time for the lap. 

I am down to the third step for push-ups! I was able to do 10 of them. I am hoping to get to 20 by the beginning of next week. Then I will progress to the 2nd step. I am hoping for full floor push-ups by mid March! 

Tomorrow will be 'aerobics room craziness' or 'vigorous calisthenics". I am thinking; bent over rows, jump squats, ball roll outs, spilt squats, crunches on ball and seated torso twist with medicine ball. We shall see. 

I have some new shoes coming! I can't wait for them to get here. They are 'barefoot' shoes, but don't look creepy like the Vibram Five Fingers. I purchased Merrill Pace Gloves. Woot! I have wanted a barefoot shoe for a long time now. I am really looking forward to sprinting in them :)
Reminder of my long term fitness goals, test wise:

run: 12:45
push-ups: 15
sit-ups: 42
abdominal circumference: 32.5
body fat: 20%- not tested, just a goal

For my April test:
run: under 13 minutes
push-ups: 15 (counted, at least 20 'attempts')
sit-ups: 40
AC: 33
Body Fat%: 27 by impedance

Explanation of 20 'attempts'.  They have been much more strict with counting reps on push-ups.  So my goal is to be able to do 20, and have them count a minimum of 15.  If they count all 20, great!  But, I know I need to be able to do more than my minimum, just in case they don't count a few.  My minimum is 14.  By being able to do at least 20 I should be great.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

End of Challenge

Original Measurements January 11, 2011
ankle: 7.5
calf: 14 1/8
lower thigh: 17
upper thigh: 22
hips: 40 (sigh)
      natural waist (NW) -34.5       AF measurement- 37 (eek!)  AF measurement sucking it in-  34.5
chest: 35
wrist: 6 1/8
forearm: 10
upper arm:      relaxed- 11 contracted- 11.25
neck: 13.25

Measurements today, February 9, 2011
ankle:  7.5
calf:  14.5
upper thigh: 21.75
lower thigh: 17 2/8
hips:  39 7/8
waist: NW- 32.5, AF-  35 AF sucking in: 33
chest: 34.5 ( might redo this one in the a.m.)
wrist: 6
forearm: 10
upper arm: relaxed: 11 contracted: 11.25
neck:  13.25
Not too shabby for the waist.  I lost (as if you couldn't do the math) two inches from my natural waist and two inches from where they do my official testing.  Only 1.5 inches at the test point with sucking in my gut.  Of course that always seems to happen to me.  I am getting frustrated with my hips though.  I want them to be 38 inches again.
Still no real improvement in my upper arm. One of these  I did increase my calf size a bit though, I wonder if that is from the sprinting.

Overall I am happy with the inches lost.  It will only get better with time.  I guess I should really be happy with this since I was not as dedicated as I have been in the past.   I need to do another 30DC and really be diligent.

I will weigh myself in the a.m. and report back, with the BF% too.

Here is today's BF% by measurement:

You have 25.8% body fat.
You have 40.4 Pounds of fat and 116.6 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).
January 11 BF% by measurement:
You have 27.6% body fat.
You have 43.6 Pounds of fat and 114.4 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water)
That is a difference of 1.8%  Let's see what the gym scale says tomorrow. Oh, and supposedly I did the impossible, gained muscle while losing fat...go figure.  I hope the gym impedance scale shows a loss too!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lazy day

Well, I didn't get all of my workout in.  I did one set of 20 push ups on the fourth stair and one forward plank on elbows.  I didn't realize how sore some of my smaller muscles were from yesterday.  Now the muscles between my shoulder blades are screaming and so is the annoying lower right abdominal muscle that likes to act up on occasion.  I should have planned for something else today.

Now, if you count house cleaning as exercise I got about 40 minutes of that done. :)

Today's eats:

two hard boiled eggs, with butter and sriracha
1.5 pieces of bacon
coconut milk
heavy cream
a bit of agave nectar
a serving of almonds
cabbage and kielbasa for dinner, with butter
piece of turkey breast
carrots, raw
a tiny bit of almonds
5 white chocolate chips

Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday.  Plan to eat some skinless gyoza, but I need to get to the store in the morning.  I am excited about trying the recipe.  I need to pick up some more zucchini too so I can try the cabbage rolls with out the tomatoes for people that are avoiding nightshades.

Here is a quick and easy breakfast food:

1 package bulk breakfast sausage (or ground meat with spices)
cheese if you use it

Brown the meat in a skillet
add scrambled eggs (about 4-8), stire until eegs are cooked
add cheese if wanted
or salsa
or hot sauce
or a can of tomatoes
or some chopped veggies
or....whatever you think will taste good :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yeah Baby!!

I got a great workout today.  I really like sprinting.  I hate running, but sprinting I enjoy.  The challenge maybe?  KNow how good I will feel after?  The soreness in all the right places.

I started with some chin ups on the assisted machine.  I off weighted it by 125 pounds.  I did a few sets at lower weights first, but couldn't pull up all the way so I didn't count those.  I did two sets of five at 125 pounds.  I also did two sets of 10 dips.  I think the dips might be good for my shoulder, I could feel the anterior shoulder muscles really working.  My goal is to be able to do a real chin up/pull up.

After that i went up to the track.  First I timed myself on a lap.  I decided that I am going to run at least one lap each time I go there, and then add a lap every few times.  If I run each lap at the time I want to be able to run one for my test, by the time I test I should be able to do it easily.  I accidently turned off the stop watch on my iPod with the first one.  So I ran another lap after resting for about 30 seconds.  I did that lap in 52 seconds.  So, I was going to leave, but it seemed like it was too soon and I didn't feel like getting on the elliptical.  Then I had the bright idea to sprint for real.

I ran the straights and walked the curves.  I did that for 4 laps.  I thought I was going to die.  I would have done more, except I got to where the sprints just weren't sprints anymore.  I rested a bit and then timed another lap.  That one I did in just over 1 minute.  It felt like a good pace, even though I was already exhausted.  That means I should be able to run that pace for the full 12 laps.  At one minute a lap I should be able to finish in an excellent time.  My goal for my next fitness test is under 13 minutes for the mile and a half.  I am liking that.  I ended up going a mile total since I did 8 laps, 1 walking.

So, I am thinking this will be my Friday program at least until I can go fast for the full mile and a half.  Each week I will add to the timed lap.  Next week it will be two.  Since I go to the gym three times a week anyway, if the track is available on Tuesday and Thursday I will run a few then too.  So, yeah even though I hate running, I am actually making a running plan.  If I want to achieve my goal of a 90 on my test, I need to get serious about it.

I am thinking the pull-ups and dips will help with my push-ups.  Tomorrow I will do:

3 sets of stair push-ups: 20, 20, muscle failure
tabata thrusters
planks: each side and forward on elbows and in 'front lean and rest'
practice sit-ups: as many as I can in one minute

Then Sunday is rest.  I don't normally do anything on Saturday, but like I said I have a goal to achieve.  The planks will help my push-ups, the sit-ups are to see where I am and how much work I need there and the tabata is a great fat burner.....32.5 inch waist here I come!

What do I need to get a 90?

12:30 run
42 sit-ups
15 push-ups 32.5 inch waist

I have until the first week of April to get there.  I am going to try my best to achieve this goal as fast as possible.  Originally, I thought I could get there by my October test.  Yeah, that won't happen because I will just keep putting it off and waiting too long to start.  So, I start....well, I started today.  Will I be devastated if I can't get there in April?  Heck no!  I am still on a fitness waiver, I am not expecting miracles.  I know though that this training should help my injured shoulder, if I do it right.

This means I will have to do more than just the squadron P.T.  I can handle that, even if it is just 1-2 extra things at home.  I'll recruit the kids.  If I can get out of the 70s for my score by April I will be pretty darn excited.  If I get to 90 I will have a party.

Why 90?  Well, because if you score a 90 you only have to test once a year :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabbage Rolls

My wonderful husband made cabbage rolls today for dinner, thanks to Everyday Paleo and our neighbor down the street who let us borrow her pressure cooker.  Let me just say YUMMY!!!!!  Hubby added thre slices of chopped bacon to the meat.  It was so good.  I am really looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch.

I am thinking I want to get just a plain white plate for taking food photos.
So, life is good.  I am very happy to have finally made it below 158 pounds!  Downward!  My upper back is sore, I think from the way I am doing push-ups now, this is not a bad thing :)

My eats have been good today.  Let me tell you berries and coconut cream is the bomb, especially with a little dark chocolate shredded on top!

Of course I had to add a picture of my cutie girl.  I think she needs a bit of a hair cut :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cholesterol Update!

So without further ado, my cholesterol levels from today.

Lipid Profile 01 Feb 2011 0852 Units                 Ref Rng
Glucose                                         87mg/dL                  (74-106)
Cholesterol                         219 (H)mg/dL         (100-199)
Triglyceride                         38mg/dL                 (35-160)
HDL Cholesterol                         60mg/dL                 (36-60)
Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol 3.7                           (0-5)
LDL Cholesterol                         135.0 (H) mg/dL       (0-130)

So, raise your hand if you think this is bad.  Raise your hand if I need to work on my cholesterol levels.

I know I don't.  I know that research has shown that a high HDL is great and any HDL >60 puts you at low risk for heart disease, so I am right on target there.  That is actually up from my last test which was at 49, that happens to be on the low end for women.

What about the elevated LDL?  Well, research also shows that super low triglycerides, well triglycerides under 100 can make the estimation for LDL artificially inflated.  So, if my LDL was actually measured vs. being estimated the numbers may have been very different.

Of course there is the issue of the overall high cholesterol, since it is 219, which is of course over the limit.  Well, with a high HDL, which we know is a good thing, of course my overall cholesterol will be on the high side.  Heck even if my LDL was within the 130 limit, my overall cholesterol would STILL be too high.

All of my cholesterol ratios are excellent.
LDL/HDL:  2.25/1 ( For LDL/HDL ratios, the goal is to keep it below 3.5:1, with the ideal being under 2.5:1)
HDL/LDL: .4/1   (In the case of HDL/LDL ratios, the goal is to keep this ratio above .3:1, with the ideal being above .4:1.)

So, as you can see, my ratios are ideal!  Actually better than average.  So, even though my overall cholesterol is high, and my LDL is just over hte end of hte limit, I am perfectly healthy.  I am willing to bet if I waited a few more weeks and tested it again my LDL would be down, I probably should have waited for 6 weeks after the holidays before I got the labs drawn.  But, it is okay, I am not worried about it at all.

The question is, will my doctor?  Only time will tell.

Here is a great link explaining all the levels, and why mine are good.

I would be really interested to see if my LDL was big and fluffy, which I am guessing it is since my triglycerides are so low :)