Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preliminary Challenge Thoughts

So, it is definitely time for another 30 Day Challenge!  I figure if I keep doing them they will become second nature to me :)

So, this challenge is not entirely about weight loss, and my body fat goals.  It is about healthy living in general.  We have a laundry monster in our house, it lives on Mount Washmore.  It makes me sad to see it, and not be able to slay that dragon.  Sadness is not a part of long term health.  So, one part of this challenge is going to include a method to over come Mount Washmore.  I proposed a laundry schedule, which I think will help.  Originally hubby said, 'well we still need to do an extra load of colors everyday.'  While I agree with this, it kept me from starting my schedule, and then the one load of colors didn't get accomplished either and Mount Washmore grew even higher!  So, regardless of doing the extra load, if I consistently do the scheduled load, it will eventually disappear.  One of my priorities for this challenge is to do a load of wash each day.

Wash schedule:
Monday: girls
Tuesday: Big son
Wednesday: Little Son
Thursday: Me
Friday: Hubby
Sat: whites
Sunday: towels, sheets, etc.

THe plan is to have BigSon and LittleSon help on their days with the actual washing/drying.  They are 11 and 8, so plenty big enough to help  out.  BigDaughter can help too, with collecting her clothes and her sister's clothes too.  If I stick to the plan and hubby does even just one random load a few times a week, I think we could conquer Mt. Washmore in no time at all.  We will all be happier too.  Less stress at bedtime and in the morning searching for school clothes, less visual clutter upstairs.  Less stress overall will be better for everyone!

So, that is my first goal.  Work on Mt. Washmore.

Now to decide on my fitness and food goals.  They will probably be about the same as my other challenges, since those are still good things to achieve.  The difference will be in how I implement my plan of action to reach those goals, i.e. my daily goals for each item.


Incognito said...

We also have a Mt "Washmore" but we call it something else. I have discovered that if I wash, fold and put away as I'm doing it, I feel more accomplished, and it pushes me to do even more. It's now that weekends are laundry weekends, and I have yet to run out of underwear. So that's a plus. Now, if I can get Mister to actually FOLD clothes that he washes, instead of leave them in the basket for a week until I get tired of seeing it, it would help. Alas, he does not finish what he starts, and even if I leave it, it still won't get done. *sigh*

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