Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yeah Baby!!

The meatballs were so good with the sauce and some melted cheese. I don't even think I will change the recipe. Maybe add some parsley, but they really don't need anything else. Even the kids loved them....WOOT!

Spent some time with our neighbors down the street, I had one 'adult beverage', a Hornsby's Cider. Not too bad as far as adult beverages go.

For next week I may add some un-packing to my goals since it just doesn't seem to want to get down on its own. Stupid boxes!!! Why can't they un-pack themselves?!?!?

I really think I am doing well with sticking to my other goals this week though. I spent about 25 minutes studying today. It means I need quite a bit more the rest of the week to catch up, but it is still more than I did last week, or even ALL of last month for that matter.

I aired up my bike tires today, so I can ride my bike to work on Tuesday. I am not sure if I should count those as exercise sessions or not. Maybe I will make a separate place to track that.

Tomorrow I am going to try to make carnitas, and I need to defrost the pork to make bulgogi with, yummy! I love being able to eat meat, meat and more meat.


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