Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day One 30 Day Challenge

So I am re-committing to a 30 Day Challenge, it was D's idea and we are starting today. He told me about it last night, I think I do better with last minute stuff. I have had a lot of people ask me what I eat, and where they can get info and all kinds of other questions. So I am blogging this challenge. Who asked for a blog? I don't remember exactly who it was, but here ya go!

So day one includes goal setting and idea sharing. I wrote my goals down in my notebook at work, so I will share them later when I get home. Part of my goal is to make at least a small post everyday.

I did do measurements, and may do pictures later, not sure I feel like sunjecting myself to that again. If you wuold like to see my pictures from last time you can view them here. I was originally going to keep track of the challenge through Facebook Notes, but I think a 'real' blog will work better.

Today's measurements:

Natural Waist (NW): 36
Air Force Waist (AF): 39
Weight: 164.7 (I think, will have to check the Wii to make sure, if it is different I will adjust)

So, that makes me up about 11-12 pounds from where I was in January, not good. It is about 5 pounds more than I weighed 71 days ago when I last got on the Wii. I know one goal is to lose about 5-10 pounds. If I lose more I won't be upset either, but I wanted a realistic weight goal, and 1-2 pound a week is a good amount to lose.

I think I will do meals either in a separate post, one per day, or even each meal separate, not sure.

I hope that by doing this I can stay on track, and maybe help others to see that being Primal is not the end of the world.

I will be back later with my journal, goals and additional measurements.


Karen said...

Good for you Meghan :))) xxoo <3

SlenderSwan2B said...


Hey baby! LOL

Brandi said...

good luck :)

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