Monday, August 30, 2010

Woot! Woot!

0700: steak and eggs, caveman cookie
0800: coffee with milk and 1 tsp sugar
1030: green tea
1200: steak- 2 oz, cheese stick
1330: green tea
1430: steak maybe 6 oz
1530: spinach
1900: pork carnitas, 1/2 avocado, broccoli with cheddar, onions, cilantro, hot sauce
1920: organic yogurt with raspberries, banana and cinnamon~ delish, 5 squares Hershey' Special Dark
2100: fresh coconut
2200: chai green tea
water: 3 x 32 oz, plus 12 oz, plus 24 oz = yum a lot?

exercise: 30 minutes Wii fir (play), quick ride around the neighborhood

I am doing better with being primal, but I did eat the breading on some chicken strips and fried zucchini- not good choices for any way of life. I have less then two weeks until my next ftiness test, so I need to stay focused to get this little bit of weight I put back on off. I would really like my waist to be 34 inches or less, but I am not sure that will happen

Today was a great day. I ate exactly right and feel satisfied. Our dinner was spectacular! I can't wait for tomorrow. I get to eat leftovers from dinner, woot!

The websire, Marks' Daily Apple, i doing a 30 day challenge starting 7 September, maybe I should join it. Maybe being in an official challenge will help me stay even more focused. Someone should join with me. One person, come on you can do it!

Lately my knee has been bugging me again. I wonder if it is from running twice a week on the wood floor in the gym? I am hoping it is not from me riding my bike to work, I enjoy that too much, even if I do look like a dork in my helmet and the coffee holder on the handle

The past few days I have seen an increase in my weight, not sure what that is all about, unless I really just can't have any bread/breading at all. Will be totally good about that for a few days and see the difference. I am still below my initial weight from Day 1 of the challenge, so I am not upset about it yet. Hopefully on Wed I still see a nice loss for the week.

So, I am embracing the Primal Blueprint Fitness mentality. I like hte way it includes playing as moving slowly as an important part of the plan. Like I said earlier, today was a move slowly day, which is also a play day. So I played. With the Wii Fit since it was raining. I forget how fun it can be. It certainly isn't a workout for me, but it i fun and active compared to sitting here blogging. Tomorrow should be a sprint day. I have to do mandatory squadron fitness, which includes sprinting most of the time, but not sprinting like the PBF likes you to do. I have decided it will still count, since I have no option about doing it or not. On Thursdays I will add about 15 minutes more of some lift heavy things to help round out the week. I need some pulling, grabbing activities, like pull-ups and rows. I am hoping following this type of exercise plan will help me get a beach body I can be proud of. I want to look good naked :)


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