Wednesday, August 25, 2010

0730: black chai tea, no milk, no sugar
0800: BK breakfast bowl, no potatoes
0900: coffee, 1 tsp sugar
1200: roast beef, tomato, lettuce, 1/4 flour tortilla, steak- about 2 ounces
1335: 1 square dark espresso chocolate
1500: almonds
1700: garlic chips, almonds
1730: pomegranate green tea
1900: thai curry with ground beef and pork, about 4-5 oz blackberry merlot

Water: 64+ oz so far

exercise: tabata
, boo, I never got around to it :(

I lost a total of 2.9 pounds this week, very excited!

I need to get groceries, we have NO eggs and that is just not I love eggs and I need some for breakfast. I am not sure what I will even eat for breakfast tomorrow. We shall see I guess.

I didn't get to measure my waist and hips. I was working on it and just got flustered since i had to take Caroliegh to her first day of kindergarten. So, I will do it tomorrow in the morning. I don't think there will be a difference, but eh, worth a try.

I didn't do any tabata today. I did do about 2 minutes on the profitter and bouncing on the mini-tramp. I need to find my dumbbells so I can do some thrusters and stuff. That is the best workout. Have you ever tried it? Intense! You do 20 seconds of dumbbell thrusters and then rest for 10 sec, repeat that until you get to four minutes. It doesn't seem like much, but it will kick your booty.

I feel like I didn't eat enough today. Maybe the lack of fruit and veggies? I don't know.


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