Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Five

Well, I think the cider had more effect on my weight than I though it would. I was up .4 this morning, but still down 1.8 since Wednesday. Lesson learned, the wine is okay- the cider is not. I suppose this will vary from person to person. It could also be that I ate WAY too much cheese yesterday, I will have to limit that a little better.

We have a lot of errands to run today, need to get some groceries, bike helmets, new shoes, all kinds of stuff. We will be heading to Fairbanks shortly. I know David also wants to try to visit with our friend C that is in the hospital.

On the exercise front, my bike is all ready to ride, just need a new lock so I can secure it at work. I also saw that there is a climbing wall at the gym, that is pretty cool and i want to try it. I am thinking about entering a triathlon in Anchorage this Spring. It isn't a crazy long one and I think that focusing on training will keep me motivated during the long cold winter. The swim is 500 yards, the run is 4.1 miles and the bike portion is 10 miles. I think that is manageable, and if I complete it I get to say I am a triathlete, something I have always wanted to say. I need to get in the pool soon and see if I will be able to train the swim portion with my shoulder being clicky.


1030: beef jerky, homemade 1 piece
1115: 1 hard boiled egg, 1.5 slice bacon, 1 'pat' butter, dash jalapeno hot sauce, fresh brewed iced tea
1130: 1 slice liverwurst
1300: beef jerky
1730: fried chicken gizzards, 1 bite sausage, 3 fried jalapeno poppers- bad choices :(
2100: homemade poppers with bacon, 4 small tuna roll pieces, 2 larger California spicy roll pieces (together equal 1 roll)
1030: 1 square dark chocolate

I feel like i forgot to log something, but I don't think I did, it just seems like not a lot of food . I made some bad choices with the fried stuff. I think I need to get a fryer, yes I would still be frying foods, but I could leave off the breading. Might be something to ask for as a Christmas present.

We bought some curtains for the house, they look nice. We also picked up an area rug, now our house is starting to look like a home. We are almost all ready for winter with boots and snow pants and stuff for all the kids. I still need to get a pair of snow pants for myself.

I need to work harder at getting in the study time and the family exercise session. I think tomorrow it will be a walk after work.


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