Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping it Caveman

Not so great today since I ate a I am fairly certain cavemen didn't have hotdogs. It sure was tasty though, and I ate it plain without a bun or ketchup :)

Other than that I didn't do too bad today. I wieghed again this morning, and lost another .7 pound, woot! Some people don't like to weigh everydy, but for me it keeps me motivated. And even when I gain, like I did last week for a little bit, I don't let it make me feel like a failure. I use it to re-evaluate what I am doing. On Monday I had a gain and it made me think of the weekend. Well, on Sunday I ate a lot of alty foods. Tuesday a lot a bit, but not much, and then Wed I got on teh scale and lost 1.3 pounds over night. I am pretty sure all the water I drank on Tuesday was just flushing out the sodium from Sunday.

I really believe that if you ar enot crazy about it, weighing everyday can be okay.

I have not been tracking y goals the wya I should be, so I need to work on that and update my blog to reflect that. Some of htem I have barely even worked on and that defeats the purpose of having them. I will have to post them somewhere to remind me to do it.

D-man got the girls' bedroom looking pretty good tonight. I think this weekend I might work on the decorating in there. I think he is going to work on M's room next. We need to get our room finished up so we can not live in box world

I will have to add ym food log tomorrow. I am just too lazy to get it out of my bag right now. Well, I can do dinner and snacks and then add the morning and afternoon later.

1700: pistachios
1830: ribs, sauteed spinach
1930: green tea, caveman cookie
2000: hotdog
2100: caveman cookie

I worked out this a.m. too. We did about 35-40 minutes of running and different strength training stuff. Sort of a circuit training thing. Then later I did a few minutes on teh fittter.

I still need to get in a tabata session. I want to do it with my dumbbells, but may have to settle for jump rope.


Jin Hee said...

You're doing Great, SIL to be!! Keep up the great work! :D

Nutmeg1976 said...

Thanks! I have enough time before your wedding to fit into a cute dress! I can't wait!!!

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