Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Three

Things seem to be going well. It is so easy when you just "do it". Decide to eat right and just stay the course. Put your mind to it and say,, "I can't eat this." I know that seems so simple, and it is simple, but it seems to really work for me. I remind myself that if I eat some foods I gain more weight and raise my cholesterol. And those foods, like bread and chips, don't taste as good as- no not as good as thin feels- they don't taste as good as BACON, and steak and beef jerky. I love that by skipping bread I can fill up on yummy, perfectly cooked steak and NOT worry about my cholesterol. What a wonderful feeling.

My plan for lunch was to attend a luncheon at work, but I wasn't able to go. Luckily, I had two chicken legs with brussel sprouts in the fridge along with some baby carrots. Woot! Crisis averted, no last minute trip to Burger King. Lesson learned? Always have back-up food available.

Today's workout was okay, nothing exciting. I really hate the hamster wheel kind of stuff, I did something made by Precor. It can work similar to a stepper and an elliptical. I guess it was okay, just boring. I need tunes if I am going to use it again. I did check out the aerobics room afterwards and saw they have some neat equipment. I should be able to do an awesome circuit workout. I much prefer 20-30 minutes of intense activity to 45 minutes of cardio!

We have two extra children for the night. My friend C is in the hospital with complications from surgery a few weeks ago. He is in way too much pain, not cool at all.

Breakfast: coffee
snack: almonds
snack: beef jerky
snack: baby carrots
lunch: brussels sprouts, 2 chicken legs
snack: 1 piece dark espresso chocolate
snack: Slim Jim, 2 slices liverwurst, sweet tater fries with mayo and hot sauce
dinner: steak (NY Strip, yum!), wilted baby spinach
snack: hard boiled egg

And in case you were wondering, yes I eat a piece of chocolate almost everyday.

This will be the last day I break down my food by 'meals'. Since I tend to eat a little funny, I am going to put the time I eat something instead. Like my first snack today of almonds was around 8 a.m. right after I got into work, then the second was around 8:30-9. Those *could be considered my breakfast. So, I will just do the list that way, according to the time I ate the meal.


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