Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 7, tomorrow is measurement day!

0745: hard boiled egg, small piece of steak
0830: coffee, milk, 1 tsp sugar
1200: smoked salmon, 1 stuffed grape leave, 1 slice bacon, pomegranate green tea, tomato soup
1400: 8 almonds
1445: small piece fresh coconut, peach
1510: 1 square chocolate
1600: steak, about 2 oz
1700: garlic chips, 2 stuffed grape leaves
1930: broiled salmon, applesauce
2000: green tea

water: 64+ oz

15 min elliptical- lvl 3
15 mins circuits- planks (30 sec), crunches, triceps, weight lunges (5# dumbbells), jump rope (20 sec), medicine ball twists (10#)- 20 reps each two sets.
bike x 30 mins (rode to work, home for lunch, back to work, home again)

push-ups: sets on 3 step 10, 5, 5, 5- so I am making myself do a set of push-ups every time I go upstairs. Today and tomorrow I will start with 10 for the first set and then do 5 for each after that. I will rest a day and then do 15 on the first set and 7 for each set after, etc. I figure even if they are not 'real' push-ups they will help me get stronger, and they don't hurt my shoulder the way 'real ones do.

Well, since yesterday was another not so great in the food department day, not terrible, but the darn sodium, ugh! So I need to step it up with the exercise. Friday I have a mandatory run, so I won;t get the chance to swim. I might have to go for hte swim on Saturday. I am happy though that I was down .7 pounds since yesterday, so that makes up for the bit of a gain from Sunday's salt fest. I think I will be at 1.6 pounds lst for the week if I stay at the same weight tomorrow. I can handle that :)

Well, all the salty foods are out of the house. The only cheese left is cheddar which I rarely eat and a bit of permesan, which I eat, but only with saucy foods. I ate the last of the grape leaves, so I should be able to 'be good'. We need to do a major 'shop; and stock up on some yumminess, but we have enough meat to get us through the week.

I found this recipe and will totally be trying it very soon. I may even try it as the topper for Shepherds pie, yummmy!!!

I know I shouldn't be too worried about the weight, I just was so excited to be down over 2 pounds! But, even 1 pound a week is good. With the added exercise I should be burning more fat, but I could be adding muscle too. I will see what my inches are for waist and hips tomorrow.

I am feeling more energized already though, I love that. Motivated to ride my bike to work :)


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