Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Has Been too Long!

I haven't blogged on here or my other blog for a while.  I guess not much to say.

I did use the body fat calculator at the gym on Friday.  In the afternoon, so the weight was not accurate, but I was down to 28% body fat, and had 114.something pounds of lean tissue.  Not sure how that happened since I have been eating below 130 grams of carbs a day.  According to the article by that dietitian I am supposed to be LOSING lean tissue, not maintaining and I certainly should not be LOSING body fat.  I thought it was supposed to be water weight?!?!  And water weight is considered 'lean tissue'.  Darn, I must be a special chick!

I guess I am happy with my results, already down a percentage point of body fat :)  I am, what?  14 days into the challenge?  Maybe if I keep it up I can lose another point, or even gain some lean!  I was not able to work out as much as I normally do, so with three good workouts this week a gain is a possibility.

I need to continue my series on the Q&A with that dietitian, I just haven't had the desire to.  I suppose dedicating my brain power to my promotion test studies probably had something to do with that.  I tested Friday though, so now I have some time left for other things.  I will be taking the GRE this summer, so I need to focus on that soon.  I need a math refresher for sure!  Expect another post tearing apart the dietitian one day this week.


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