Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Enough

Not enough of something.  Not enough good eats?  Not enough good exercise?  Not enough play? Sleep? Thinking?

I don't know, but something.  I feel like i am missing something.  I am guessing it is play.  Too much time on my butt reading stuff on the internet.  I have these grand ideas of doing 'something fun' with the kids and then it doesn't happen. I need to work on that.  We have abundant snow and a pretty cool hill near-by.  Sledding would be great play AND exercise.  It was surely warm enough this afternoon at 8 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now, I realize to some that doesn't seem like a good 'warm' temperature, but considering it was -24F at lunch time and 8F when I was going home from work, well that feels pretty damn warm!

So,  Play for me and WITH the kids. They need more attention I think.  Positive attention that is!

Maybe I should set up parental controls on my computer log-on, and make it so I can't log on between 8a.m and 9 p.m.  I bet that would at least help me stay off the computer for a bit.

Other than being a bit blah about that aspect of my life things are going well.  I did NOT get back up to 160 pounds after this weekend.  I would love if 157 became my new 160.  Or heck maybe even 155.  Once I get below 150 I won't care one ounce about my weight anymore.  I really want to focus on getting lean and not worry about weight, but I have this mental block that I can't be lean if I weigh more than 150. I *KNOW this isn't true, but man to see that weight, even if just for a moment before I build up those cool womanly muscles.  I have not been that low in AGES and it would just be so nice to get to that next milestone.  I am guessing that I can achieve 25% BF at that weight.  Since I don't want to be bulky, just sculpted and sexy (you know LGN), I don't need to pack on huge amounts of muscle tissue.  I guess that my 'goal' weight to be at 20% body fat would be around 140.

I know I need to lift more.  And I know I need to HIIT more.  Everything else is good.

So, there it is.

And yes, there will be more about the anti-low carb article I posted a few weeks ago :)


DawnRose said...

The idea of play was a big theme for me last summer. I took up hula hooping, played hopscotch in the driveway with the kids, and went geocaching! I'm hoping to continue it this spring. Good luck!

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