Wednesday, February 9, 2011

End of Challenge

Original Measurements January 11, 2011
ankle: 7.5
calf: 14 1/8
lower thigh: 17
upper thigh: 22
hips: 40 (sigh)
      natural waist (NW) -34.5       AF measurement- 37 (eek!)  AF measurement sucking it in-  34.5
chest: 35
wrist: 6 1/8
forearm: 10
upper arm:      relaxed- 11 contracted- 11.25
neck: 13.25

Measurements today, February 9, 2011
ankle:  7.5
calf:  14.5
upper thigh: 21.75
lower thigh: 17 2/8
hips:  39 7/8
waist: NW- 32.5, AF-  35 AF sucking in: 33
chest: 34.5 ( might redo this one in the a.m.)
wrist: 6
forearm: 10
upper arm: relaxed: 11 contracted: 11.25
neck:  13.25
Not too shabby for the waist.  I lost (as if you couldn't do the math) two inches from my natural waist and two inches from where they do my official testing.  Only 1.5 inches at the test point with sucking in my gut.  Of course that always seems to happen to me.  I am getting frustrated with my hips though.  I want them to be 38 inches again.
Still no real improvement in my upper arm. One of these  I did increase my calf size a bit though, I wonder if that is from the sprinting.

Overall I am happy with the inches lost.  It will only get better with time.  I guess I should really be happy with this since I was not as dedicated as I have been in the past.   I need to do another 30DC and really be diligent.

I will weigh myself in the a.m. and report back, with the BF% too.

Here is today's BF% by measurement:

You have 25.8% body fat.
You have 40.4 Pounds of fat and 116.6 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).
January 11 BF% by measurement:
You have 27.6% body fat.
You have 43.6 Pounds of fat and 114.4 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water)
That is a difference of 1.8%  Let's see what the gym scale says tomorrow. Oh, and supposedly I did the impossible, gained muscle while losing fat...go figure.  I hope the gym impedance scale shows a loss too!


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