Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Update

I am offically finished my last 30DC, and I am not upset about the reults, but Iknow they could have been better. I will buckle down and do it for real next time. I am thinking I will start sometime next week. 30 Days Full Primal. I can do it. It will HAVE to include push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. 

My next fitness test will be in April. I am hoping the last week of April so I can run outside. But, there is talk I will have to do it before my EPR closes out, which means by April 12th. It seems in my brain that I have "plenty' of time, but I know that isn't true. 

I have stepped up my running. I ran twice this week. Not as far as I would have liked, but still within in profile. I did 12-12 laps today, which means I moved my body 1.5 miles, but I didn't run all of them. Six of the laps were running and I did them in about 65 seconds each. Not bad, and right in line with my goal of 13 minutes or less for the mile and a half run. I am giving myself 8 weeks to get to that goal. Last Friday I ran one lap only at that pace, this week I ran two laps at that pace. Each week I will increase a lap, running it in 65 seconds. So, one week I need to do an extra. I think doing it this week coming up makes most sense. So, I will do 3 laps with about a 65 second time for the lap. 

I am down to the third step for push-ups! I was able to do 10 of them. I am hoping to get to 20 by the beginning of next week. Then I will progress to the 2nd step. I am hoping for full floor push-ups by mid March! 

Tomorrow will be 'aerobics room craziness' or 'vigorous calisthenics". I am thinking; bent over rows, jump squats, ball roll outs, spilt squats, crunches on ball and seated torso twist with medicine ball. We shall see. 

I have some new shoes coming! I can't wait for them to get here. They are 'barefoot' shoes, but don't look creepy like the Vibram Five Fingers. I purchased Merrill Pace Gloves. Woot! I have wanted a barefoot shoe for a long time now. I am really looking forward to sprinting in them :)
Reminder of my long term fitness goals, test wise:

run: 12:45
push-ups: 15
sit-ups: 42
abdominal circumference: 32.5
body fat: 20%- not tested, just a goal

For my April test:
run: under 13 minutes
push-ups: 15 (counted, at least 20 'attempts')
sit-ups: 40
AC: 33
Body Fat%: 27 by impedance

Explanation of 20 'attempts'.  They have been much more strict with counting reps on push-ups.  So my goal is to be able to do 20, and have them count a minimum of 15.  If they count all 20, great!  But, I know I need to be able to do more than my minimum, just in case they don't count a few.  My minimum is 14.  By being able to do at least 20 I should be great.


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