Friday, February 4, 2011

Yeah Baby!!

I got a great workout today.  I really like sprinting.  I hate running, but sprinting I enjoy.  The challenge maybe?  KNow how good I will feel after?  The soreness in all the right places.

I started with some chin ups on the assisted machine.  I off weighted it by 125 pounds.  I did a few sets at lower weights first, but couldn't pull up all the way so I didn't count those.  I did two sets of five at 125 pounds.  I also did two sets of 10 dips.  I think the dips might be good for my shoulder, I could feel the anterior shoulder muscles really working.  My goal is to be able to do a real chin up/pull up.

After that i went up to the track.  First I timed myself on a lap.  I decided that I am going to run at least one lap each time I go there, and then add a lap every few times.  If I run each lap at the time I want to be able to run one for my test, by the time I test I should be able to do it easily.  I accidently turned off the stop watch on my iPod with the first one.  So I ran another lap after resting for about 30 seconds.  I did that lap in 52 seconds.  So, I was going to leave, but it seemed like it was too soon and I didn't feel like getting on the elliptical.  Then I had the bright idea to sprint for real.

I ran the straights and walked the curves.  I did that for 4 laps.  I thought I was going to die.  I would have done more, except I got to where the sprints just weren't sprints anymore.  I rested a bit and then timed another lap.  That one I did in just over 1 minute.  It felt like a good pace, even though I was already exhausted.  That means I should be able to run that pace for the full 12 laps.  At one minute a lap I should be able to finish in an excellent time.  My goal for my next fitness test is under 13 minutes for the mile and a half.  I am liking that.  I ended up going a mile total since I did 8 laps, 1 walking.

So, I am thinking this will be my Friday program at least until I can go fast for the full mile and a half.  Each week I will add to the timed lap.  Next week it will be two.  Since I go to the gym three times a week anyway, if the track is available on Tuesday and Thursday I will run a few then too.  So, yeah even though I hate running, I am actually making a running plan.  If I want to achieve my goal of a 90 on my test, I need to get serious about it.

I am thinking the pull-ups and dips will help with my push-ups.  Tomorrow I will do:

3 sets of stair push-ups: 20, 20, muscle failure
tabata thrusters
planks: each side and forward on elbows and in 'front lean and rest'
practice sit-ups: as many as I can in one minute

Then Sunday is rest.  I don't normally do anything on Saturday, but like I said I have a goal to achieve.  The planks will help my push-ups, the sit-ups are to see where I am and how much work I need there and the tabata is a great fat burner.....32.5 inch waist here I come!

What do I need to get a 90?

12:30 run
42 sit-ups
15 push-ups 32.5 inch waist

I have until the first week of April to get there.  I am going to try my best to achieve this goal as fast as possible.  Originally, I thought I could get there by my October test.  Yeah, that won't happen because I will just keep putting it off and waiting too long to start.  So, I start....well, I started today.  Will I be devastated if I can't get there in April?  Heck no!  I am still on a fitness waiver, I am not expecting miracles.  I know though that this training should help my injured shoulder, if I do it right.

This means I will have to do more than just the squadron P.T.  I can handle that, even if it is just 1-2 extra things at home.  I'll recruit the kids.  If I can get out of the 70s for my score by April I will be pretty darn excited.  If I get to 90 I will have a party.

Why 90?  Well, because if you score a 90 you only have to test once a year :)


David said...

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Nutmeg1976 said...

I googled it. The way I do them on the stairs is pretty similar to the angle of the bench. I am on stair number 5 now and will be moving down to 4 soon. Of course it doesn't help me with the pull-ups/chin-ups. I am hoping we can get a pull-up bar for at home soon, now that we are past the money spending holidays. Of course my main priority is the push-up, but I really feel like the pull ups will help with that by getting my lats more involved.

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