Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lazy day

Well, I didn't get all of my workout in.  I did one set of 20 push ups on the fourth stair and one forward plank on elbows.  I didn't realize how sore some of my smaller muscles were from yesterday.  Now the muscles between my shoulder blades are screaming and so is the annoying lower right abdominal muscle that likes to act up on occasion.  I should have planned for something else today.

Now, if you count house cleaning as exercise I got about 40 minutes of that done. :)

Today's eats:

two hard boiled eggs, with butter and sriracha
1.5 pieces of bacon
coconut milk
heavy cream
a bit of agave nectar
a serving of almonds
cabbage and kielbasa for dinner, with butter
piece of turkey breast
carrots, raw
a tiny bit of almonds
5 white chocolate chips

Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday.  Plan to eat some skinless gyoza, but I need to get to the store in the morning.  I am excited about trying the recipe.  I need to pick up some more zucchini too so I can try the cabbage rolls with out the tomatoes for people that are avoiding nightshades.

Here is a quick and easy breakfast food:

1 package bulk breakfast sausage (or ground meat with spices)
cheese if you use it

Brown the meat in a skillet
add scrambled eggs (about 4-8), stire until eegs are cooked
add cheese if wanted
or salsa
or hot sauce
or a can of tomatoes
or some chopped veggies
or....whatever you think will taste good :)


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