Friday, September 3, 2010

Tomorrow is a secial day!

So I just learned that tomorrow is International Bacon Day!!! Everyone MUST celebrate. Bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, bacon wrapped steak, or maybe even scallops with bacon are all in order for tomorrow. Heck, I may even buy me some dark chocolate and attempt chocolate covered bacon. Yeah, I know I am crazy!!

I did some measurements today, I was going to wait for the 30 days to be over, but I joined a challenge for September and it requires a body fat percentage, so I had to do measurements for it. Unfortunately, my BF% went up quite a bit from a few months ago, I am not happy about that. But, part of that is because I measured my hips differently then before. If I use the old way of measuring it is 28% and much closer to what it was before.

This challenge does include some things I can't/won't do, so I am at a disadvantage to get the most points. I won't be making sure I get 6 servings of wholegrains that is for sure.

But, since I did do some measurements I will post them here:

waist: 35 (NW), 37 (AF), 37 around naval
hips: 42.5 (new measurement), 39 (OM)
calf: 14
thigh: 23
wrist: 6
bicep: 11

So, although the scale has been up and down a bit, I did lose a bit from my waist. I can handle that. I really need to up the exercise and build some more muscle.


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