Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping it real!

So today was basically day three, it was supposed to be day one, but of course I started early.  So far so good.  I still need to figure out what I am going to do for strength training.  I am so having trouble motivating myself to do it.  I am technically doing some strength stuff with our Squadron PT, but not nearly enough so I can reach my goals.

The eating is great though. I love that I don't feel hungry all the time and my food is so yummy!  We had salmon cakes for dinner, they were so stinking delicious!  I pan fried them for a few minutes in bacon grease and then finished them in the oven.  We also had turnip greens, first time I have cooked them.  For some reason I thought they would be bitter, but they have a very mild flavor.

I am totally loving the extra workout after PT in the morning.  I got in the 30 minutes on the elliptical and felt great all day.  It make me laugh to think that people that eat 'low carb' have no energy.  That is so far from the truth for me.  I mean a person without energy wouldn't be bouncing on the trampoline at work, now would they? And my poor, poor, underfed brain.  It is just going to shrivel up and die....not!

Today was just a great day.  C and I worked on her rollie pollies for acrobatics.  Tomorrow we need to work on stretching.  I need to do this too!  And P has his second swim team practice.  Crazy how we went from the non-participators, to an activity just about everyday!!!!  It is fun though, and seeing the progress C is making with acro is awesome.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to put up my BF%:  29% as of today.

My goal for this challenge is to get it down to 27% or less, without losing lean mass.

I did okay today. 

My 10%: 
dark chocolate- 1 square 
Avocado Ranch salad dressing .25 serving 

20 mins jogging (last man ups) 
10 mins walking 
2 sets wall push-ups 
50 crunches 

elliptical x 30 mins: some intervals not HIIT 
fitter x 5 mins 
bouncing on trampoline x 3 mins 

Daily goals: 
take supplements- check 
90% primal- check 
track treats: check 
bed by 11- planning on it :)


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