Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Ramblings

I have been totally slacking with my blog lately, sorry about that for those who take the time to read it.  I will try to be better.

Friday and Saturday ended up being pretty bad in the eating department, but I 'fixed' that yesterday and I am back on track :)

Here is my journal from yesterday on my weight loss support board, than today's journal entry follows;

"Well this weekend has been a bit bingey my guess it is AF showing her ugly head (the end of my cycle is quickly approaching- sorry if TMI). I totally learned a lesson though, eat my chicken before the friggin dog steals it! We went to a friends house last night with plans to sit by the fire and hang out, we bought stuff to make s'mores. I intended to eat just one as part of my 20%, the problem? I didn't eat enough good food before I left. Also, the piece of pizza, pretzels, chocolate, hot dog bun, chips and cookies I had the night before had set me up for cravings.

The remedy? Pure primal today to get past the cravings. I had some beef and chicken, a cup of tea with coconut milk, some grapes and almonds so far. I am about to eat a bit of bacon and then make some eggs. As long as I stay primal I shouldn't have anymore cravings, and it I do I will feed them with primal alternatives- like berries with cream or nuts with fruit...delicious and nutritious.

I was finally below 160 on Thursday! I weighed in at 159...woot! I upped my carbs a bit, I was trying to eat VLC, hoping it would encourage quick weight loss, but I was stuck. I went from about 30 carbs a day up to between 75 and 150 or so and I think that is what helped me lose. Last summer when I was losing a pound a day or so I was eating a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies, which is what made me decide to re-evaluate my intake recently. As long as I eat helathy carbs- veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds- some dairy too, I will do great."

Feeling good today.  I did end up eating about 2-3 potato chips yesterday (said a big fat 'no' to pretzels and cake).  When everyone else was eating the cake I had a small dish of ice cream, a better choice since it only contains 1 poison (sugar) and not all the stuff a store bought cake would have.

Today I will finish my batch cooking.  I did a pork roast in the crock pot yesterday, and some deli style roast beef, yummy!  Today I will cook the chicken legs and i think I might do some chicken livers to make pate.  I am also thinking of the salmon chowder Pat wants, it would make a good dinner tonight.

I am sticking with weekly weigh-ins for  a little longer.  I really like seeing the drop, and waiting a week means a bigger drop, which makes me smile.  I do get on my bathroom scale, but it is hopelessly inaccurate, so I don't really pay much attention to it.  My 'real' weigh-ins are on the Wii.

So, like I said I will try to be a good girl and update more frequently.  I am doing all that cooking today and may even include some food porn later ;)


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