Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving, moving, moving

Yup that's me, moving.  I have been doing a decent amount of physical activity again, it feels great too!

Haha, the knee isn't swollen today!!!  I even worked out without a problem.

Getting the right amount of water sure does help me feel better.  It is so friggin dry here that I had to add another 32 oz jut to feel like I am drinking enough, that is crazy.

Oh, tomorrow I 'lift heavy things'  I can't do any push-ups, so I will have to figure something else in there.  I am really looking forward to it though, crazy, huh?  I haven't found my weights yet, so I may use D's- he has adjustable ones.  I NEED to get the HIIT in there.  It is the only thing I haven't gotten back into since getting here, and I think it might be the missing link.


Breakfast 0800: lox with about .5 oz cream cheese, 1 slice bacon

Snack: 0845: 2 eggs scrambled with sirachi, coffe with H&H and .5 tsp honey powder

Lunch: pot roast, coleslaw, 4 figs, 10 almonds, 1 square dark chocolate

Snack: baby carrots, cottage cheese

Snack: 2 eggs scrambled with hot sauce

Dinner: homemade burger with a sprinkle of 4 cheese blend, hot sauce and cilantro wrapped in a lettuce leaf, cauliflower, spinach

100+ oz

20 minutes on the Precor AMT, moderate intensity inervals
2 mins on profitter
3 mins on mini-tramp

Feeling good! My knee was not swollen today, that makes me happy. It feels great to be cooking so many meals at home, especially because it is hard sometimes with work and everything else going on. I am so happy to be serving my children healthy meals.


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