Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working It!

I waited until the last minute, but I finally got in some upper body stuff.  I did 2 sets of pull-ups on the Total Gym, 1 set of low rows on the TG, 3 sets of over head presses with 8# dumbbells (need more weight).  Then when I got home I did 3 sets each of diamond wall push-ups and regular close arm push-ups.  It isn't much, but it is better then what I normally do, which is

Food was great today.  I was really hungry this afternoon though, I need to pack better for snacks at work.  Nah, I really just needed meat, beef today.  I was totally craving it!

I did some measurements this a.m. and it looks like i might have lost some more inches.  I am going to wait until next week, the end of the second 30 day challenge.  I was totally not as good this time around, but still not terrible.  I don't know if I will make my goals, but I might be closer than I originally thought.  After that I will do one more.  Basically 25 October until 24 November.  That way I can go 'off plan' for my birthday on the 25th.  So, next week I will re-do all the original measurements from 22 September.

I guess that is all for now.

Breakfast: almonds, coconut milk, green tea
lunch: 2 eggs, brie, sausage, carrot, coconut milk, red peppers
snack: almonds, pistachios
snack: string cheese, beef jerky, dark chocolate
snack: 1/2 banana, carrot, green tea with coconut milk
dinner: 2 slices bacon, asparagus and cheese fritatta
snack: dark chocolate

took supplements: magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin D3

Tomorrow is squadron PT,  Friday I will go run on the indoor track, double blah!

I posted the above blog, and then saw off to the side that I had not updated the weigh-in section in a while.  So, I added the weigh-in for today, 157.4.  And then I realized that I lost 2.7 pounds since September 29, which is only 3 weeks ago.  That averages out to .9 pound a week.  Basically I have lost a pound a week, for someone as close to goal as I am, that is excellent!  I really need to quit being so hard on myself!!!!


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