Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kicked its ASS!

I overcame this morning. The little bugger in my head was TRYING to get me to skip the elliptical this morning. I left my medication at home, so it was telling me I should go get it, that I wouldn't have time for both. I have my fitness test on Thursday, so it was telling me i should rest and not overdo it. It talked me into the locker room after our morning routine. And I kicked its ASS, told it to stuff it, grabbed my Ipod and did it anyway! I only did 18 minutes. I normally do 30, but I did need to go home and get my medication. But, some is better than none and i can get in 12 minutes at the end of the day here in the clinic. I did HIIT for the first 15 mintues. So even thought it was less time, it was still a great workout.

We did 'circuits' for squadron PT. Sprints/running, crucnhes, planks, squats, bicep curls with bands, push-ups, ball toss (partners with medicine ball), lunges and a rest. It wasn't so bad. I really prefer that workout over others we do because there is more variety. I like having more than jsut 3-4 stations. Especially because I can count it as a LHT workout 

Food so far:
b-fast: 2 eggs, sausage patty, brie, hot sauce
sanck: 10 almonds
lunch: 4 large strawberries, .5 cup Greek yogurt. (had salad with chicken and bacon planned, but I ate -b-fast late and wasn't hungry for it), 1 square dark chocolate
snack: apple
snack: 3 dates, babybel cheese, bacon (let me tell you this was AWESOME)
dinner: flank steak, coconut flakes, tea with coconut milk
snack: a few bites of apple dessert my son had (it was sweet and sticky and gross  )

More on life in general, not just diet/nutrition and the challenges.

How did it happen that we are now parent's of busy kids? We went from 1-2 activities per YEAR to more than one per season! Are we nuts?!? I really think we are trying to prepare for the winter, knowing there won't be as much outside play so they will need structured activities to keep them active.

We have swimming, basketball, acrobatics, bowling (for the three oldest), cub scouts, boy scouts and daisy scouts. And I am thinking of coaching the 7-9 y.o. basketball if they don't have a coach. The only one that doesn't have any activities is the 2 y.o. But, since my hubster is back to work in the a.m. and on Saturday's, she will be at the daycare 4 days per week. That will keep her engaged.

Now I just need an activity to keep my from going crazy this winter. I might join a bowling team. I enjoy bowling, so it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I should try out the Zumba class at the Youth Center or something. Any suggestions?

I do plan to start swimming when I take my son to his swim team practices, the coaches said there in plenty of room in the pool. THis will be cool because I have always wanted to participate in a triathlon, this will get me in shape for the swim portion 

Now, if I just had more interesting stuff to blog about. Bleh, sometimes I feel so I mean I don't in WHO I am IRL, but when I try to write stuff out I feel stifled or something. Anyone care to hear about my supervisor and I sining "Lily the Pink" in the clinic on Friday? Yeah, we are a bit crazy, but loving our job and working so well together.


mary said...

I know what you mean.

those damn voices always trying to make me quit but this guy kept me going all morning.

i tried this 10 minute workout but I only lasted 7 mintues

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