Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fitness Update!

Well, today was my fitness test. I did not do as well as I would have liked, my run time was down, but I did pass. So I am good for another 6 months. I will do better next time! Considering my knee issues lately, I am not too upset with my run, I actually 'whooped' a little when I was

abdominal circumference (measured around the waist at the level of the right ASIS) 33.5 
sit-ups: 33 (my goal was 30+)
push-ups: exempt (bum shoulder, which surprisingly is aggravated by sit-ups  )
run 1.5 mile: 15:25 (was shooting for 15 or less, but was happy as long as it was under 15:30)

My score was 78.7 (I think)  But, it was 78-something.  We need a 75 to pass, so I did just 'okay'.  My goal is an 85 next time!

I am not sure exactly WHAT I need to get an 85, but right now I am saying these are my goals:
decrease run by 1-2 minutes
do 43 sit-ups
decrease AC by 1 inch.

If that isn't enough to get 85 I will adjust :)

I plan to use Friday afternoons to practice the running.  I am going to do 12 laps (1.5 mile) on the indoor track alternating running as fast as I can and active rest with jogging (walking if I have to) until I can run the whole thing at a faster pace.

I am also going to increase my weight lifting for legs.  I think that will help too.  I need to make sure I stretch enough.  mY inner thighs are extremely tight and I think that is adding to my knee problems.

I have been good about getting in bed by 11 :D
I have been okay with tracking my treats, I think I forgot something yesterday.
I am not sure where I am with my fitness goals for the week.
I think I need to keep track

Oh, I was 159 this morning, so back down a bit from where it got to after this past weekend.  No more adult beverages for me until this month is up.  I really want to decrease my body fat, so I have to get serious!!!!


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