Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of Challenge II

So, I didn't make a bunch of my goals.  Blogging was not up to par for sure, nor was tracking some of the stuff I wanted to track.

My successes.  I did get to bed very close to 11 most nights, some nights even before 11.  I did exercise, but not according to my plans because of my injuries :(

So, the results are in.  Are you ready?!?

September 22 stats:

 thigh fullest part: 22.5
thigh: 17.5
calf: 14.25
ankle: 7.75
wrist: 6
forearm: 10
biceps: 11
waist: 34.5 (NW), 37 (AF)- my way of measuring, not sucking in like I do for 'official' tapings 
hips: 38.5 
chest: 35
neck: 13.5

October 28, 2010
thigh fullest part: 21.75
thigh: 17.5
calf: 14.5
ankle: 7.5
wrist: 6
forearm: 10
biceps: 11
waist: 32.5 (NW), 34.5 (AF) !!!!!!!
hips: 38
chest: 34
neck: 13.25

total inches lost= 8!  holy cow!

So the BF is harder to know for sure.  The tape site I normally use doesn't take into account the waist measurement, so it doesn't show that I have lost any body fat.  I found another site that says I am 30.4% now, and I was 32.8 with my last measurements, so it gives me a loss of 2.4%, which I like.  The scale at the gym that uses impedance says I have lost 1% of my body fat since Sept 22, from 29% to 28%.  I think I will stick with that one from now on.

I am down a total of 4 pounds, but I don't know the breakdown in fat percentage.

So my next 'challenge' ends on the day before Thanksgiving.  Still have the same end goals: reduce body fat, increase biceps.  I will do it!

So, I just re-did the one body fat percentage using the website I normally use.  At work it was giving me 26%, the same as it was in September.  Now it says 24.8%.  I am guessing because of the parts of the inches i wasn't using before?

So that stats for that:
24.8% BF ( 38.6 Pounds of fat and 117.4 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water) - 10/29/10

September BF%- 26 (40.8 fat, 116.2 lean)

Down 2.2 pounds of fat and up 1.2% lean!  That is some good stuff!!!


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