Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great Day!

At least foodwise.  I probably had too much cheese, but how can I not eat my own yummy chile relleno casserole?  It was so good.  I also had some leftover ribeye, grassfed yummies.

The dog has learned how to open the back door!  She got out the other day and was missing for a few hours.  We thought the kids let her out, but not... she opened the door herself!

I am hoping we can find out for certain what is going on with my knee.  I have my doctor's appointment on Wednesday next week.  It has really been swollen a lot lately, and spin class on Friday made it a LOT worse, not good.

Because of the knee, and partially my still sore shoulder, I have not been doing the workouts I need to do to build more muscle.  It might take longer to get to my goals because of this.  It also means I need to be better about what I eat.  No more treats on weekends.  I need to bring primal foods with me to friend's houses.  Hopefully they don't get to offended.  I know most of them won't care.

We did circuits at Squadron PT today, and I did some leg strengthening stuff to help my knee.  Tomorrow I will do some upper body stuff at lunch time, I NEED to get that part under control.

pull-ups on Total Gym
low rows
bent rows
over head press


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