Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blah! Need new habits!

So, I did great with walking hte dog, then I had a massive headache last night and went to bed super early.  Tonight?  I just flat forgot.  I need to make sure I get that in.  She needs it as much as I do!

On the other hand, my eating has been great!  Savage Dave brought home porterhouse AND t-bone for dinner.  Who's a lucky girl?!?!  Yeah that's!  We also had some grilled taters and onions and brussels sprouts.  Mmmmm, I love eating this way.  Not saying I don't' like my treats now and then, but seriously, I don't understand how someone can get bored with such good food!

The Savage Baby was moved out of our room tonight....operation get mommy more sleep is underway!  I hope it works.  I need to be able to sleep a good night in order to get well.  THe long all night stuff is killing me.  Plus, when he is in our bed her is rough and kicks Savage Dave...which he doesn't seem to think is fun. A night to myself with no baby in the bed, will do wonders for my neck and back pain

I had a great workout today!  My hamstrings are already sore, I am sure the morning will be

Well, twenty minutes until bedtime.  More tomorrow!


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