Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Night....meh!

     I ended up eating some toffee popcorn last night.  Again with the habit thing.  I need to just remember WHY I am doing this challenge and that I am doing it.  I sometimes forget.  I really need to be strict about this for a few more weeks, my career is on the line.  The good part is it was one small bowl...those small pyrex bowls you use for ice cream or putting pre-chopped ingredients.  After I thought about it, I stopped eating more.  Now, to get me start, I don't feeling guilty about eating the popcorn.  It happens and normally it would be an acceptable treat, even though it's "not paleo".  The only issue right  now is that i know it stalls my weight loss and the weight loss is a priority right now.

Today we are working on getting ready for the move by cleaning and de-cluttering.  That feels good.  Surprisingly, the boys are actually being helpful.  Taking forever but still helpful.

I have decide to just keep track of what i eat on paper and not use the websites, I am just not being really consistent with it.  I find writing it easier, and my goal isn't to count carbs or calories, but to just make sure I am getting nutrient dense foods and not too much treat stuff, like chocolate, etc.

So far today:

coffee with heavy cream and one teaspoon raw sugar
3 slices bacon
honey dew melon....meh probably about a cup
2 oz lamb chop
2-3 oz poterhouse


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