Sunday, May 26, 2013

Buckling Down!

I have been working at this fat loss thing for a while and recently had a bit of  setback.  My darn thyroid decided to not function as well as I need it to.  I always feel like I am making excuses when I say it was my thyroid.  How often do we hear people say that?  I'm fat because I have a thyroid problem?  Yeah, frequently.  I WAS fat because of it.  I discovered how to work with my body and I lost the weight.  So, when I went from 34.5/35 inch waist in December back to a 37.5-38 inch waist in March, I knew something was wrong.  I spoke to my doctor and he ordered some labs and indeed my thyroid was not functioning as well as it should.  My vitamin D was also extremely low.

I did some research and discovered that vitamin D is closely related to thyroid function, it also can lead to weight gain when your D is low.  At my doctors suggestion I started an aggressive vitamin D supplementation.  We also decided that I should increase my Armour thyroid medication.  This has helped me lose a little bit of weight, which is great.  Now, I need to get focused...since I can with the brain fog and exhaustion cleared up.  I think there is possibly some stress induced waist gain in there too, hopefully the things i have started to help me relax will be beneficial too.

It stinks though, I was able to get down from 37.5/38 inches to 36 in about five weeks.  I took my fitness test on Aril 24 and failed since the max waist circumference is 35.5 inches.  Yup,I failed by half an inch.  I need to re-test in the end of June or beginning of July.  If I fail again it will be bad news.  So, I am getting back to really tracking what I eat and doing the workouts that have worked in the past.  I also think that getting on here and being accountable for my actions will help.

Anyone else up for a 30 Day Challenge????  I can't promise "before" pics.  I will take them, I'm just not sure I can post them.

Week One Goals:

Track food 3 days- eat what I want as long as it is paleo/primal
2 days HIIT (tabata)
3 days LISS (walk dog?)
2 days strength
take measurements
get body fat measured (hand held device)
"before" pics

End of Challenge goals:
35.5> waist
maintain lean mass


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