Monday, May 27, 2013

Week One! Momma's Butt Lift 30 Day Challenge

Yes, I want to get my booty lifted.  And how to I think I'll manage that?  Squats of course!  Squats and lunges and other manners of torture!  I am also, as I stated yesterday, working on dialing in my nutrition and making sure I get my supplements in.

So, this time around I have decided to just edit one long weekly post as opposed to doing a daily, daily post.  Now, this doesn't mean I won't post something specific for a day, like a recipe or something, but I want all the progress stuff to be in one area.

So, without further blah, blah, blah (because I can't spell that other word) let's get down to business.

I did take measurements and "before" pics. I will weigh in tomorrow.

May 27 measurements:

natural waist:  34.5 inches
fitness test waist: 38 (36 when I "suck in", because anyone who says they don't do that feels a warm sensation in the area of their undies)
Chest: 35.5
upper thigh (fullest part) 22.5
lower thigh: 17
hips: 40.5
calf: 14.25
wrist: 6
biceps: 11
forearm: 10
Neck: 13.5

My eats were decent today.  I ended up buying some Terra chips and eating some of them, not perfectly  "on plan" and clean.  Other than that it was a good day.  I never knew just how awesome dates with gorgonzola can be...yummy!  We had zucchini and tomatoes with onions as our veggie tonight and chicken legs for protein, I also had a side of potato with butter.  I didn't eat any other real meals, some bone broth, beef jerky, bacon, dates and kimchi.  One of those days that would be hard to track properly.   I find it easier to track when I am at work, so I plan to track tomorrow.  I am not sure if I plan to only count MFP or sparkpeople as tracking, or if just keeping a log and writing it down will suffice.  We'll see how it goes.  I don't particularly care for doing it on the computer, it is sooo tedious.

So, as I mentioned I took before shots.  I am not sure why I feel awkward sharing them.  They are not as bad as my very first before shots.  So, I decided to share.  Hopefully we will see some good progress at the end of the month!

So, there ya have it.  I have a long way to go to get back to where I as before I got pregnant.  :/

these three are self pics I took in February.  For some type of comparison.

May 28

weight 166.2 pounds, not too terrible.  Definitely a good starting point.  I didn't take the body fat measurement, but I did one recently at the gym, so I think I'll just use that as my starting point.
31.5% body fat on 5/16  My ultimate goal body fat is 20-24%.  I don't know how long that will take, but that isn't the point is it?

I did start tracking today, but got off of it.  I need to see how easily I can fill it in.


30/10 intervals (twice, with one minute rest)
Squats with bar (18# bar I think)
Planks x 2
8# DB lunges (30 sec each)
BOR bar
Chest press bar
Ball crunches
5 min elliptical interval warm-up
6 min walk interval cool-down

I also rode my bike to work after lunch which took 10 minutes both ways for a total of 20 extra activity minutes.  I am about to put some shoes on and take the dog for her walk too.  


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ohhh blog revamp and current posting? I LIKE no I LOVE!

Nutmeg1976 said...

Yeah, I need to keep up with it this time so I can stay motivated!

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