Friday, June 24, 2011

Fish Ball FAIL!

Now, let me start this by saying the soup was delish, for sure!  But, I wanted fish balls, not broken up pieces of salmon.  Lesson learned, puree the fish in the food processor.  I suppose it would need to be sort of mousse like, so I might try some whipped egg whites folded in.  Hmmm, maybe that will be tomorrow's mission: make fish balls that stay together.

So the rest of the recipe was basic, and not really a recipe.  Here are the details anyway.

1 can coconut milk
2 tbsp Thai green curry paste (yes pre-made)
2 tsp fish sauce
squirt of srirachi
1 box vegetable broth (would normally use chicken, but I had it left over)

Simmer coconut milk and add curry paste, simmer for 5 minutes.  Add broth, squirt srirachi to taste and fish sauce to taste (it can be salty so add it slowly!)

What I tried to do to make salmon balls.

1 can salmon
1 tsp garlic chili paste
squirt sriachi
1 tbsp coconut flour
garlic powder
cilantro leaves (I used dried, but fresh would be better)

Formed into balls and gently placed in broth at slow boil, let them boil for 8 minutes.  They broke apart in the broth.  So there is the fail.  But, as I said still very tasty.  I suppose that is the life when you are learning to cook without things like regular white flour.

So there you have it, Fail Fish all its delicious glory!


jo spencer said...

I'll bet you could use chicken and lemon grass and make my favorite Thai soup.

Nutmeg1976 said...

Yeah, or just cheat and use the Thai curry paste ;) It contains lemongrass.

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