Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh Yeah, It's MEATZA!

At times like this I am glad to be more primal than paleo.  I like cheese, and while I don't eat nearly as much as I used to, I like my 'pizza' too much to ever give it up completely.

So, we had some ground beef that needed to be cooked since we had defrosted it more than 24 hours ago.  I wasn't so sure what to make and then Savage had a great idea.  MEATZA.  Cheesy yummy meat with veggies that tastes a lot like pizza.  Sigh :)

Meatza is super easy to make, even easier than 'real' pizza because the dough isn't as finicky.  I used to make 'healthy' whole wheat pizza dough that never seemed to come out right.  Now, I make meatza and ruining the crust is next to impossible!

Recipe (or more of 'directions')

If you have a primal meatloaf or meatball recipe you really like it would work well for this.

1 lb ground beef (can add up to half sausage if you would like- not more than that though because it shrinks too much!)
 spices to taste: I used basil, salt, pepper, garlic (dried) and onion powder.
- I usually use good fresh garlic and onion but was way too lazy for that today ;)
2 eggs

mix all together in a large bowl.

using a pan with an edge (very much needed or else the fat will run all over the oven!) press the meat out towards the edge of the pan.  You want it thin, but not too thin or else the meat will split apart when you cook it. Probably about 1/4 of an inch at the thinnest.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes

Pull it out and top it just like you would any other pizza.

Today I used; anchovies (I know <ewww gross>), artichokes hearts, black olives, pepperoni and garlic. Yum!  The kids are getting just pepperoni.

Last time I made the crust too thick, it was still yummy but really heavy.

This was my first attempt at meatza- too thick on the crust!

Of course, looking at this meatza from last time, I totally forgot the mushrooms tonight!  Oh well, more for next time :D


Sarah said...

Couldn't be primal, I'm dairy-intolerant. Used to devour clotted cream by the pot (the fattiest cream on Earth at between 65 and 70% - and most of that saturated. Any fattier, and it becomes butter. Grocery store stocks it in 7 and 14oz tubs, and I could easily demolish a large one! Shame you can't get it there, it really is manna.

I'm 100% Paleo these days. It's funny, before I went primal, I hated olives - can't get enough of them now but, ironically, it's damned near impossible to find them in their own oil, most are packaged in either vegetable or rapeseed! Unless you have the money for the posh kind...

Anonymous said...

Bookmarking this recipe-thanks!

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