Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tale of the Mayo!

I came home today with the bright idea to make some sweet potato fries and broil some sirloin.  Well, the sirloin was not finished thawing, so we were then down to baked sweet tater fries and um....egg salad?  Tuna?  Sure, that'll do in a pinch and save the meat for tomorrow.  I look in the fridge, no mayo.  Granted I probably *should make my own, but I am too lazy.  I buy Hellman's, I get the canola oil version, which I KNOW is not great, but it doesn't contain soy- which is really bad for me with my thyroid issues.  At any rate, yesterday I alluded to the fact that my daughter's have an unnatural fondness of mayo.  I bought it just about a week ago, yesterday there was half a jar.  Today?  It is ALL gone.  So, no tuna for me.  Tuna for the kids, mixed a little sour cream, some garlic powder and salt and they were happy.  Unfortunately, I like to dip my sweet tater fries in mayo too....sigh.  Savage Dave to the rescue!  He picked up some mayo on the way home from work.  My hero!

I did okay today.
My eats:

B: handful of walnuts, 2-3 olives and 2 baby carrots
S; a few more nuts, 5 peanut M&M's (bag is gone..whew!)
L: NY strip, baby carrots, grilled eggplant with melted mozzarella, some more olives
D: sweet tater fries, mayo, 1 Dove dark chocolate

I also had half a serving of Whitman's chocolate at some point and the one REALLY bad thing, which was a Rice Crispy Treat, one of the small prepackaged ones :(

No food photos for today, but they are coming soon I promise.  Tomorrow I will be cooking the sirloin, so maybe a meat photo shoot.  Yeah baby!

Overall today was good.  Mick had a baseball game and got a hit, he was so excited.  Frustrating that it took 20 minutes to convince him he HAD to go.  Hopefully next time will be easier to get him motivated.


Exceptionally Brash said...

I have been using more sour cream instead of mayo. I put in a bit of home-made sauerkraut to give it more zing.

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