Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some results...

So I did a quick measurement on Savage_Boyo.  Why?  It has only been one week and I don't think we will do this weekly, but I wanted him too see if he had any results.  His weight is a tab bit higher.  He spent the weekend camping and ate a bunch of power bars made with nuts, that totally could have made a difference in the scale.  Of course I am really not concerned about his over all weight.  I am hoping he maintains really and that he builds muscle and loses fat as he grows.  He improved his WiiFit age though, yes arbitrary, but was happy to be "12" instead of

So his week one results are:

Belly Button: 36.25 (+.25)
Natural Waist: 33 (-.5)
hip: 33.5 (- 1 in...really?)
neck: 13.5 ( - 1 in, really?)

Last week:

belly button 36
natural waist 33.5
hips 34.5
wrist 6.5
forearm  9.75
biceps 10.25
neck 14.5

So, from now on I will wait until the end of his 30 days to do anymore measurements.  He was happy with the results though, even though he 'gained' a bit on the belly button measurement.  He was pretty impressed with the neck and hips.  I was too. 

I weighed in today with a gain of .8, which is perfect.  At this point one pound per week is about right :D

We had yummy pork loin with pesto for our meat tonight, served with sweet potato fries and apple sauce. Yummy!

I am thinking cheese steaks tomorrow!  Yummy.  Too bad I already have 'food porn' for that.


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