Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Savage_Boyo's Measurements:
belly button 36
natural waist 33.5
hips 34.5
wrist 6.5
forearm  9.75
biceps 10.25
neck 14.5
Weight: 125, I am not particularly concerned about his weight since he IS a growing 12 year old boy.  What I am interested to see is if he stays the same and slims down.  This is what I am hoping for.  After starting football in July he has slimmed down a bit and can fit in some of his jeans that were too tight, but he gained 8 lbs from the last time he weighed himself 140 days ago.  I am willing to bet this is muscle from the running, push-ups, up/downs, etc.

Whew!  I thought I lost these...thank goodness for auto-save.

So as of today the Boyo is doing well he has been grain free since Monday, doesn't seem like much, but it is for him.  He has successfully navigated school lunch today, he chose salad.  He complained of a headache yesterday, but said it is much better today.  We had warned him this might happen as he goes through wheat withdrawal, which in some ways is similar to opioid withdrawal.

This weekend he will be going for a camping trip with the Boy Scouts.  He will be staying over two nights and they will be doing a lot of hiking.  We have already discussed the foods that we will send with him.  He is concerned about the other foods and he knows bread will be there.  I am going to make him some almond flat cookies so he can have a 'smore' if he wants one.  Yes, marshmallows and chocolate are not the best things in the world, but he has agreed to stay away from the graham crackers.

Savage_Dave is steadily losing weight.  The best part though is a lot of his pain is gone.  I will have to focus a post on him soon and detail everything he has been going through.  Right now he is battling a kidney stone, no not as a result of being Primal.  He suffered these long before we even knew what it was to be paleo!  I will add his measurements soon too.  I am so excited to see the changes in my men!

I personally have been doing well with staying away from ALL grains, even though I am only committed to being wheat free for a few more weeks.  Right now my 'down fall' is sugar.  Yeah, I need to work on that.  Take away the work stress and it might be easier.


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