Friday, April 1, 2011

Slacking Again!

I really should try to get back here and post more frequently!

Life has been pretty good lately.  I started lifting this week.  You know, the 'real' kind :)

I did squats, lumberjack press and chest press on Wednesday.  Today was dead lifts, chin-ups and dips.  I already know I need to increase my weights, especially for the lower body stuff.  I am going to have to venture into the weight room because the weighted bars in the workout room are too light for me.

I still have the same goals, 20-22% body fat and under 150 pounds.  I am currently at 155 pounds, so my weight goal is almost there.  I was at 28% body fat the other day using the impedance scale at the gym.  It gave me about 42 pounds of body fat.  When I did the math the percentage was actually 27.5%.  My lean mass is around 112 pounds.  To get to 20% BF at 145 pounds, I will need 116 pounds of lean.  So, that is what I am shooting for.  I still need to lose 13 pounds of fat though!  That means I will probably lose about 6 more pounds of lean since lean includes water and fat has about 1 pound of water for every 2 pounds of fat.  So, I need to add about 10 pounds of muscle.  I wonder how long that will take for an old lady?

I will be focusing on getting enough protein.  My goal is 1 gram for every pound of my goal lean body mass, 116 grams per day.  Some days this is really easy and others days it seems like it is really difficult.  It might take a little more planning to get the protein everyday.  I am going to eat my protein first and then eat my veggies, that way  make the protein goal everyday.


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