Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheesesteak- Primalized!


Yeah, I know it doesn't take much to primalize a cheesesteak.  Just ditch the roll and sauté the veggies in bacon fat, yum!

So, here is the amazingly difficult recipe.

-heat about 1 tablespoon bacon fat in skillet on medium heat
-add peppers, stir around a bit
-add onions, stir around a bit  (do I need to say that the onions and peppers were sliced? Or can we handle that step?)
-remove peppers and onions when the onions just start to get wilted
-add mushrooms to skillet, stir around a bit (add some butter for flavor- if your 'into' that kind of thing)
-unwrap steaks (I used Fast Fixins this time, I know not quite paleo, but give a girl a break- I do have four entire children and a husband here ;o) )
-cook steaks according to directions on package, get frustrated when they take longer than 3 minutes- stamp foot a little, roll eyes
-remove meat from heat
-plce meat on plate
-removed pre-sliced provolone from package
-place on top of meat- nuke for 20 seconds to help meat cheese
-remove plate from nuker
-add veggies and mushrooms to plate

the rest is optional:

-brag about meal on the internet
-take pictures and share you enjoyment


Exceptionally Brash said...

It looks fast and hearty.

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