Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 1 Thirty Day Challenge

I decided I needed a kick in the ass, so here it is day one...again.  I did okay today.  I decided to do this half way through the day, so we'll ignore the one Hershey Kiss I ate.  Other than that it was one square of dark chocolate as a treat. Everything else I ate was good.  One down 29 to go.  Hopefully it results in getting over this hump and fluctuating between 163 and 167.  I want to get solidly into the 150s again.  Good sleep and getting back to tabata and HIIT should help.  Back to the elliptical two times a week to get things burning.

I am now working out with a partner early mornings on Mon, Wed, Fri.  It will make getting it in easier and won't interfere with the kids' activities.  We are going to be busy this year.


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