Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting Stronger!

I know it isn't a big deal to some people to do three sets of eight push-ups on your knees, but it is to me!  So rejoice with me for making progress.  I am so glad I decided to bite the bullet and pay the trainer.  I am already feeling stronger, not just with push-ups but with my squats too.  I can't WAIT until Saturday to lift heavy stuff again!  We do lighter weights and more reps during the week.

I don't understand why so many women are after to pick things up and put them down.  I love lifting it is fun and challenging and rewarding.  I feel better after it for sure, better than running...blah.

My goal for the next two weeks is to do thirty minutes of cardio three days a week, not too difficult since I already do it at least twice a week.  The difference is that I have to do a hard day, a light day and a medium day.  Today was my hard day, so I did thirty minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  Boy could I feel it.  I hadn't done intense intervals in quite a while and I could tell.  It will definitely help me get that run time down some.  I did a little test on Tuesday and it took me eighteen minutes to do the 1.5 mile run. It was sad.  I may run it tomorrow to see how it goes, faster to make it more of a 'medium' run, Tuesday was pretty easy.  I need to be at about fifteen minutes or less for my fitness test, but I am shooting for 14 or less.  Eventually I want to be under thirteen, but that may take a while.

I am really tempted to try a push-up, a real one in the morning, but I don't want to be disappointed if I can't do it.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.  Changing my hand position has made such a huge difference.  I am really feeling like this will work.

The trainer will re-do my weight and measurements on Saturday too.  I am interested to see the difference.


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