Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work it, work it!

That was me today, working it.  I had Squadron PT in the morning, I took it a bit easy so I would be able to get through the workout with the trainer.  So I did what I am calling a Low Intensity Interval Training.  One lap of walking one of running for 16 laps (which is two miles on the indoor track.)  I did it on the third lane though, so it ended up being just over 2 miles.  Pretty cool too because it took me just 30 minutes.  That is a good amount of time to do a low intensity work out.

On to the good stuff.  The workout with the trainer was great!  We started with some dynamic warm-ups and stretching.  Then it was a core circuit- planks, some funky 'anti-rotation' activity, side bends with overhead weights and finished up that with marching bridges.  After the core circuit he had me do push-ups (yes, on my knees like a girl, but with proper form), step-curl-press- 1 set with 5 pounds one with 6, squat-rows- 20#, triceps presses- 20 pounds, 15 pounds and incline chest press- 50#, 35#.  Each exercise was 2 sets of twenty.  It felt pretty good, my arms were like jello which I usually can only achieve for my legs when I work out on my own.  I am really thinking that this was a good decision.  I liked his way of working, he is pretty personable and my arms felt like

I weighed myself this morning and saw movement in the right direction, finally.  It was down two pounds from the last time I weighed.  Happy about that.  We have definitely cleaned up our diet a bit since Dave's procedure, so I am sure that helped.  I may have been eating more carbs than I realized too, so I will have to track and measure those better.  I don't want to mess with my diet too much though because I don't want to mess up my milk supply.

Oh, I have been experimenting with water kefir!  I made a batch a while ago and it wasn't that great.  I ended up putting the the kefir in some sugar water and leaving it in the fridge for a while.  Well, we really need the probiotics, so I needed to get it going again.  I made this last batch with maple syrup, lemon and ginger and actually like it!  I have one fermenting now with banana, brown sugar and ginger.  I hope it turn outs as nicely as the last one.  Savage_Boyo likes it too, which is good because he really needs to get his gut healed.  

Speaking of the boy, he was happy to report that he avoided some 'hidden wheat' yesterday in school.  He was going to eat Pringles at snack in his math class and took the time to read the ingredients. (Yes a twelve year old, how cool right?)  Reading the ingredients revealed that Pringles contain wheat, he was surprised, I wasn't.  So he picked trail mix instead.  Not a perfect choice with the peanuts, but still a much better choice.  Plus, the fact that he took the time to read the label and make an alternative choice was awesome!  I guess we are all taking this a little more seriously.

So, who thinks I'll still be able to pick up the baby in the morning?  I'm not so sure :-D


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I agree! Work it girl!!!!!!

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