Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slop! Yeah, it's slop...and it is DELICIOUS!

I have been getting a lot of request for a recipe for "slop".  Well, there really is no recipe, that's the beauty of it, just throw stuff in the pan, if the flavors go well together it will taste good.  Really, it's that easy.  Now, there was recent discussion that I needed to change the name of this concoction because according to Savage Dave if it doesn't have eggs in it, then it isn't slop.  Hmmm, I just don't know what else to call it.  So, for now it is still slop, because well...I said so ;)

So, what is slop you may be wondering.  It is a simple meal made in just one or two pans that has everything you need for a meal.  It is also delicious and routinely devoured by the children.  We like a lot of different flavors, so it rarely tastes the same two times in a row.

Here are the very basic ingredients:
     ground beef
     liquid of some sort; soup, broth, water, canned tomatoes, etc.
     diced or chopped onion- usually half
     garlic, usually about 4-5 cloves minced
     salt and pepper (of course)
     spices: pick these according to what liquid you are using or what flavor profile you're in the mood 
     for, such as Italian, Indian, etc.
      rice if it fits your template (it fits ours because we feed a bazillion people with this)
     eggs if you want to feed more people and don't have enough beef
     frozen or fresh veggies

Cook the onions and garlic.
Brown the meat in the same pan (sometimes I leave them in there others I take them out and add them back later.)
Add spices to taste, like 1-2 tab;e spoons or something.  Maybe not quite that much.
Add liquid then add rice and veggies if you want them and simmer for about 20 minutes covered

Yup, it's really that easy.  We rarely make one that the kids won't eat.

So, last night I took some pictures while I was cooking, because well, people like pictures.

Now, this wasn't a typical slop since we had only a tiny bit of rice left.  What's a girl to do?  Add a can of pumpkin of course!  I had grated some carrots and added those to the onions and garlic too, so extra yumminess!  Since I did pumpkin and grated carrots, I figured I would go with a sweeter flavor profile.  I put in about half a can of coconut milk and then used my Moroccan spice blend to season it along with salt, pepper and smoked paprika.  Have you ever tried smoked paprika?  If you haven't you should!  It is so yummy and adds a nice depth of flavor to just about everything.  I used 3.4 of the large bag of frozen spinsh, the entire can of pumpkin and about 1 to 1.5 pounds of beef for this.  There was a small bowl leftover after we all had our fill.  Perfect for my lunch at work, it if wasn't a Friday night.

This is before stirring in the pumpkin, nice blob there.

I'm sorry the picture is kind of crappy, but this stuff is tasty and the ingredients are "clean".  No anti caking agents or crap like that.
 frozen spinach, if I use more liquid or broth I thaw the veggies first.

And the finished product, and you can see why it is called "slop".

plated, not

I sautéed some cabbage on the side because I was worried it just wouldn't be enough without the rice.  I wish I knew where my plain white plate went that I bought for taking pictures.  Ah well, you get the idea.  I think this is an appropriate time to make the comment about veggies and eating "paleo/primal".  This is now many "servings"?  I don't even know.  But, it has; cabbage, carrots, onion, pumpkin and spinach...all on one plate.  How is this NOT healthy?  Seriously?!?!?!?!?


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