Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back! Hopefully for good!

So, I have been slacking at posting AND at eating primal.  The bad eating has GOT to stop and the posting has to start.  I do so much better when I take the time to post.

I am starting a 30 Day Challenge, I have to.  I am gaining again and that is NOT acceptable. Tonight I will think of my goals, take measurements and a 'before' picture.  I can't promise all out exciting blog posts, but at the very least I want to track what I eat.  Not formally with counting calories and all...just a food journal to get an idea of what is going into my body and what needs to stop.  I think that my 'treats' have become more standard fare and less treat.

So, I will start with the food journal NOW, even though I don't want to admit some of hte things I already ate today.  I guess being honest with you and with myself is the best course of action though.

B: 2 eggs scrambled with bacon bits- not bad right, cup of coffee (with fake creamer because I ran out of heavy cream) and about 1 tsp agave (once it is gone it won't be purchased again, normally I do coffee with JUST HWC)

So, that would have been great, not as filling as I like, but good.  Then My hubby brought me breakfast because I was so frustrated this morning with waking up late and running out of time to get stuff done.  He did good though, yes it was BK, but the food came in a  container; eggs, sausage and cheese- no wheat.  He did the best he could with what he had.  Conventional raised meat with fillers?  Probably, but I was still grateful for it.  More coffee- which I didn't drink, yet.  The bad part?  I had a medium hash brown. When I was pregnant I was including more potatoes and starches because I wanted to stay out of ketosis, just in case.  So, he gave me the has browns, and I ate them.  But, he gave me mine AND his because he wants to try being VLC, and I can't be VLC even when not pregnant because of my thyroid, anyway I on;y ate mine and promptly tossed the rest in the trash even though I wanted to eat them.

It is lunch time now and I am not hungry, so I will make some shrimp salad and bring it back to work with me to eat later if I need it.


Mrs Swan said...

Welcome back!!

Exceptionally Brash said...

Hey, its great to get back on track.

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