Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Success? Success!!!!

It dawned on me today, that I am a weight loss success story.  Have I reached my end goal?  Heck no!  I still have a bit of extra fluff around the middle that I am working on.  I still would prefer to have a little extra muscle on my 'chicken legs'.  But, I have lost a significant portion of my additional body fat.

At one point I was about 45% body fat using an impedance scale.  Now?  I am 29%.  At 210 pounds I was carrying a full 95 pounds of body fat on my body!  95 pounds!!  At 158 pounds I am carrying 46 pounds of body fat.  I have lost more pounds of fat than my body now contains.  Holy crap, that is a lot of fat!  I wonder what I will have accomplished when I reach my goal?  If I get to 20% and weigh about 135 pounds I will have lost 65 pounds of fat.  If I weigh 128 (my lowest adult weight) it will be about 70 pounds.

I have lost about 25% of my initial weight in the past 5 years or so.  In the beginning from Dec 2005 until Aug 2009 I lost 6.65 of my body weight.  Since August 2009 I have lost 19.3% of my body weight.  I have kept off the initial weight for over 5 years.  And the second portion I have maintained for almost a year.

Do I think I will gain it back?  Heck no!

Am I bragging?  YES!  Why?  Because I hadn't really sat down and figured out those numbers.  And when I did, even I was surprised at what I saw.


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